Introducing: The GamerSushi Schedule


So we’ve been doing this GamerSushi thing for over 4 years now, which means you guys have been reading a crazy amount of our goofy musings, rants, observations and editorials. We’ll of course be continuing all of these things in 2013, but with a bit more structure.

The GamerSushi Schedule is our new posting schedule — every weekday (Monday through Friday), we’ll have a designated theme that will be the focus of that day’s posts. This helps us post better content, and helps you know what will be on the site and when.

Why the change? There are a couple of reasons, but one of the biggest ones is the nature of the video game news cycle. When we started GamerSushi all those years ago, the content on video game websites was a different animal — news was regular and content was more substantive. These days, twice as many posts are written about half as much actual news (due to a fractured relationship between PR and journalists, as well as the growing competition), and it’s honestly more difficult to find quality content to point our readers to. Which sometimes means long stretches where we’re trying to find newsworthy articles.

For that reason, we want to shift the gears here, where we’re the engine behind the content that we post. You’ll find less pointing towards other sites, and more just… Sushi stuff, that hopefully you guys are just as interested in as us. Continue reading Introducing: The GamerSushi Schedule

Gaming in the Age of Information Overload

Grand Theft Auto 3The year is 2001. On a rainy October day, I run from the parking lot into the dorm, covering my head with a Best Buy shopping bag as I try to avoid getting swallowed up by the weather. After a not-so-quick elevator trip, I’m in my dorm room, tearing into the packaging of a Playstation 2 game. I curse once or twice as I pull at those little security labels, the ones that cling to your fingers like plastic mosquitoes and refuse to let go.

As the game spins to life, I am in a city. Just like the world beyond my windows, the world in the looking glass of my TV is consumed by rain. Soon enough, I am pulling motorists out of their vehicles with ease. I’m causing mayhem. I can go anywhere I want. I learn fairly quickly that this world has a name: Liberty City. The game I’m playing is Grand Theft Auto 3, and this is the first time I have ever seen it in motion. The experience waiting for me catches me completely off guard. Continue reading Gaming in the Age of Information Overload

GamerSushi Asks: Where Do You Get Your News, Reviews and Previews?

As much as we might like to imagine it, we here at GamerSushi can’t always supply you guys with reviews of all the latest games or previews of anything that we didn’t download as a demo. And most of our news is culled from other sites, though carefully chosen so you get only the coolest stuff here.

And we aren’t naive enough to think that you don’t visit other sites. It’s okay, we see other people, too. We have a nice open relationship and I think it’s working out for everyone involved. And unlike the ones in college, this sort of open relationship is less likely to cause emotional trauma (Although, watch out for IGN’s Insane-O Ads; those things could slow down Skynet).

So that leaves the question: where do you get your gaming news? What sites or magazines do you trust the most for reviews and previews? Are there any that you refuse to visit, perhaps due to a past experience? Go!