Gaming Is…

Kevin ButlerOne of my favorite things out of Sony in the last decade is Kevin Butler, their fake marketing persona that they’ve been using to promote their gaming division. His commercials are awesome, and they’ve won over a place in my heart with them. If you were one of the many blessed individuals that watched Kevin Butler’s E3 rant about what gaming is, then you know what I’m talking about.

Well, yesterday on Kevin Butler’s Twitter, he (or whatever intern Sony pays to manage the account) held a callback to that wonderful monologue, asking users to tweet about what gaming is to them. The results were pretty spectacular, to say the least, and it was great fun to read. Here are a few excerpts:

#gamingis knowing more friends by names like “AwesomeSauce” and “PallyofDeath” than by “Karen” and “Bob”.

#gamingis another ten minutes that takes three hours.

#gamingis displaying your rage-smashed controller in a Ziploc bag as a reminder to not break the new one.

We added one of our own with the following tweet: #gamingis sitting in front of your TV for eight hours and still claiming to be productive.

All of the responses were great, so I thought I’d bring what happened on Twitter yesterday here to GamerSushi. What is gaming to you? Feel free to be serious or as ludicrous as you want. Go!