Zombies in Video Games: A Look Back

Zombies have taken over GamerSushi! As Eddy mentioned, a lot of people are getting zombie fatigue, but GamePro was nice enough to take a look back at a history of zombies in video games throughout the years and it’s quite a nice way to get back into the undead spirit.

Personally, Dry Bones from Super Mario Bros 3 didn’t strike me as a zombie, but since they included him, I can’t help but agree. Which leads me to wonder why some Koopa Troopas rise from their graves to torment Mario again and some don’t. Maybe Magikoopa brings them back? Also, Zombies Ate My Neighbors was the bomb back in the SNES days.

Anyway, head here to check out the feature. And don’t act snooty because you know you love zombies, too.

Source: GamePro

Gaming Journalism Needs To Grow Up

GamePro has a great article that gets to the heart of an issue that I have been stewing about for quite some time: the quality of games journalism. Oftentimes, it seems that it consists of previews, reviews and industry news. There is very little investigative reporting, unless you count interviewing a voice actor as investigating and almost no follow-up once a game has been released, unless it is a buggy mess.

Publishers use journalists to get the story they want out there and if you don’t cooperate, they will just limit your access and all of sudden you will find yourself being the only website in the world not having a preview or early review of the latest and hottest game.

This article goes into details about a few issues facing reporters these days and I think it is worth reading. Reporters are not there to cheer or advocate for their favorite games or consoles, that should be clear.

What do you think can be done to improve the state of gaming journalism? Do you even think there is a problem?

Source: GamePro

Gamepro’s List of Top 26 RPG’s Of All Time…

Gamepro.com just released their list of the 26 Best RPGs and like every list, this one seems destined to start up some controversey. And I am happy to oblige. No LARP’s allowed!

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Lame: GamePro’s Best PC Games

So a few weeks ago, I cried foul about GamePro’s not-so-great “Best 360 Games” list. Well, I’m here to break it to you: the newest installment, “The 32 Best PC Games of All Time”? Even worse. Yes, believe it.

Once again, I understand that this is all opinion, but just take a gander at the positioning of some of these great games, and where they fall. To give you a little hint: Doom, even though it’s perhaps one of the most influential games of all time, didn’t even land on the list, and World of Warcraft is declared the number one PC game of all time.

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