Rumor: XBox 360 Full Body Motion Control?

360motionFor the love of Pete, somebody please just make this stop. After some recent rumors that Sony will be introducing motion control at E3 (didn’t they already try and fail at motion control?), it sounds like Microsoft is going to be joining the party and hoping for free money the likes of which Nintendo has enjoyed this generation. That’s right, the rumor is that Microsoft is developing full body motion control for future 360 games.

Supposedly, this will be superior to dongle-waggling in that it translates full body movement. For instance, in fighting games you kick, dodge, duck, and punch and watch it happen on the screen. It is also rumored to have video conference via a webcam, and will even have the ability for people to grab and manipulate things on their screen, a la Minority Report.

So what do you guys think? Are you sick of the motion control yet? Personally, I just want to push some buttons, but I don’t blame these guys for thinking they can make more money this way.

Source- Engadget