Final Fantasy XIII Combat Walkthrough

Are you eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XIII but still aren’t too clear on its new combat system? Here’s a nice little video out of Gamescom that gives a short and sweet overview of the fighting mechanics of the next Final Fantasy. The English localization is still being worked on, but I’d imagine that this game is (finally) close to being done.

I’ve never actually played a Final Fantasy game, so I’m excited to give this a whirl. Who else is going to sink their time into some J-RPG goodness?

New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Says Nothing New

So I feel like I’ve been seeing the same Final Fantasy XIII Trailer for 2 years. It’s always the same shots, over and over, and we still don’t have any gameplay to look at. Granted, the same thing was the case for FF XII and that game turned out to be incredible, but even still. Anywho, here’s a new FFXIII trailer.

What do you guys think? Will this game be any good?