Poll: Most Anticipated September Release

Well, it’s here: The Fall of 2012. This is the time of year when things get a little cray cray. After the doldrums of summer finally subsided last month with Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2, this is season of the big dogs. It’s a little leaner than last year but there are still some blockbusters forthcoming, most notably, Borderlands 2. I know many of the GamerSushi staff are drooling at the chance to shoot thousands upon thousands of skags again. I am little more reserved on it, but I will probably pick it up at some point, after the dust from my backlog as cleared.

I know Torchlight II will be a popular choice for many, possibly as a change of pace from Diablo III. Sports fans will have to choose between hockey or the Beautiful Game as depicted in FIFA 13. I know Mists of Pandaria might draw some more WoW fans back into the fray for one last gasp, but I’ve heard that it has turned others off with its resemblance to Kung-Fu Panda. Hit the comments and let me know which side your bread is buttered.

Poll: Most Anticipated September Release?

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E3: Microsoft Press Conference Instant Reaction

Microsoft E3

It’s E3 time! Microsoft had the task of kicking things off for us this year so we start with the Big M. Below are my instant reactions as I watched the press conference unfold:

Halo 4

  • Halo 4 will kick off the show. After ending the show with it last year, MS obviously doesn’t want to make us wait any longer than necessary. But what will end the show? My money’s on a sequel to Blinx.
  • Live action trailer for Halo 4. Pretty bad-ass. Pretty cheesy. A ship designed to discover new worlds. Looks like something went wrong. Oh, they are crashing on the Chief’s planet. Interesting.
  • Gameplay! Looks like Halo. The planet is a vibrant green, lots of foliage. Looks cool. Grunts. Covenant. An Elite just disintergrated. Weird. New enemies are attacking. Some new robot thing that reminds me of General Grievous popped out. Cortana says it is Forerunner design.
  • Some cool ass new weapon is tearing these things up. Daddy like.
  • Infrared visor! Nice! Metroid Prime meets Halo.
  • Clips of lots of stuff, like Warthogs, Cortana going batshit and a tagline: An Ancient Evil Awakens.

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