GamerSushi Asks: Classic Replays?

Final Fantasy 6

One of the frustrating things about loving gaming as much as we all do is that there’s no possible way to get through everything you want to play without becoming something of a loner or forsaking all social responsibilities. There are simply too many great games that deserve our attention, and we have to make sacrifices at times. I use the word sacrifice incredibly loosely here, because we are basically choosing between several awesome things.

A big check on my gaming “to-do” list over the last, I don’t know, decade has been to give Final Fantasy VI the playthrough it deserves. For years, I’ve been hearing that it’s considered the pinnacle of the series. Since I’ve been in the mood to play a classic RPG, what better thing to do than knock this towering colossus of gaming down from its judgmental perch and finally skin its hide.

In short, I have to say that I simply love this game. It’s got everything that I’ve been dying for in recent RPGs: memorable characters, turn based combat, a sweeping story, a fantastic world. It really is a testament to just how great the game is that eighteen years after its release, I can pick it up and enjoy it for hours on end. Considering you can grow a full fledged adult in that time, I’d say that’s impressive.

This got me thinking about the question of classic replays. What are the gaming classics that you recently played for the first time after neglecting them for years? What games are on your list that you’ve always wanted to try? Go!