Square Enix Teases Final Fantasy VII Remake Again

ff7 remakeSquare Enix just released Final Fantasy XIII and the company is on the cusp of releasing XIV, the upcoming MMO, but people still want to see a Final Fantasy VII remake. Square knows this very well, so every couple of weeks they get one of their higher-ups to mention a remake during an interview, but continually maintain that re-doing FFVII would take a long time.

Just take this recent quote from SE Producer Yoshinori Kitase at a FFXII launch event in Korea:

β€œTo make FFXIII at this level of quality, it took us 3 to 4 years. If we were to make FFVII in the same style of FFXIII, it would take 10 times as long, so it would be difficult to take it up immediately. However, we always keep in mind how often this is requested.”

I think that this might be the most requested remake in the history of videogames, based on how many times Square Enix has said that they are exploring the option. What do you guys think? Will this actually happen, and do you even want it? What would you like to see out of an FFVII remake anyways? Just a thought: if Final Fantasy XIII showed up on the 360, would an FFVII remake do the same?

Source: VG247.com

Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy 13There is nothing quite like the release of a long-standing franchise giant like Final Fantasy XIII to get some great gaming discussions going. Square-Enix’s new entry to the well known franchise has started a slew of discussions from fanboys, haters and regular gamers alike, all armed with their own talking points about a franchise with an esteemed history, and how the newest addition stacks up compared to its long line of ancestors.

Final Fantasy XIII was first introduced at E3 2006, promising lush visuals, a deep and rich story, and some things we’ve never seen from this set of games before. Since then, people the world over have been itching to play it, to see if Square-Enix could continue to deliver on the leaps that the previous two titles had made. After a cross platform announcement and its own set of development issues, the game is finally here. So, how is it? Let’s talk about that.
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