Bethesda Short Changes PS3 Owners

fallout3-ps3For me, one of the coolest parts of finishing an open world game such as Grand Theft Auto IV or Crackdown or Fallout 3, is the ability to continue on around the world after everything is said and done. Especially in RPGs, where there might even be loads of sidequests yet to complete, so that you can truly experience all that the game you purchased has to offer.

A lot of people were upset with Fallout 3’s ending, which didn’t allow you to do this. So, Bethesda has heard the cries of discontent, and are releasing a patch this week with the DLC to allow 360 and PC users to continue exploring the post-apocalyptic paradise of Washington, DC. Cool deal, huh? Well, not if you’re a PS3 owner. Apparently, Bethesda has no plans for a PS3 Fallout 3 patch as of now, and they’re ok with that.

Kind of a crappy deal if you ask me. I’m not sure how game developers feel like this lack of support is ok for the gamers. Fair or foul for Bethesda? What do you guys think?

Source- MTV Multiplayer

EDIT: Confusing much? According to The Bitbag, there is no patch for the 360 and the PC. Rather, this update is all part of the DLC- which the PS3 is still not getting. Hope that clears things up a tad.