Battlefield 1943 Looking at PC Delay

Battlefield 1943You’ve probably seen me commenting around the site, but here’s an intro anyways. I’m Mitch, Canadian blogger extraordinaire, and I’m going to be contributing posts to GamerSushi a few times a week. I hope you’ll like what I have to contribute, and I’m looking forward to bringing you guys my views on our crazy hobby.

If you’re like me, you’ve been playing Battlefield 1943 on either the PlayStation 3 or the X-Box 360 and enjoying the hell out of it. If you’re waiting for the PC version to drop in September, you might be out of luck. Gordon Van Dyke has let it be known that in order to make 1943 a true PC product, DICE is going to have to delay the release into 2010. To make up for the prolonged wait, though, DICE is adding all the neat features that PC gamers take for granted, such as higher player count in matches, Direct X 9 and 10, and joystick support.

I can’t really fault DICE for wanting to give due attention to the PC, but this puts the release dangerously close to Bad Company 2, which might over-shadow its little brother. What do you guys think? Is it worth the wait, or will 1943 get left behind in the early 2010 rush?

Source: Kotaku

Battlefield 1943 Has Fewer Classes But Comes Cheap

bf1943Some more details are dropping from the New York Comic-Con today concerning Battlefield 1943: Pacific, which comes out this summer from EA. I’m terribly excited about this, as the original game was one of my favorite PC shooters ever, and had some truly epic and memorable battles. Here are some of the new bits of info released for the game today…

Apparently, the game is going to be a $15 to $20 purchase, and will only be about a 350 MB download. In addition, the game will feature fewer classes than the original Battlefield titles, having removed medics and heavy weapons soldiers. To make up for this, all classes will be better suited to deal with tanks and vehicles, and will have regenerating health and unlimited ammo. Also, environments are destructible, which rules.

Personally, while I don’t like having fewer classes or unlimited ammo, I’m curious how the experiment works out in terms of having a smaller, cheaper game that releases paid DLC in small bits. To me, this could be better than dropping $60 bucks on a game that you dont utilize all of the features for. Should be interesting to see how this turns out.

I know that there already people disappointed about this (looking at you, Mitch). So what do you guys think?

Source- Kotaku (thanks to Mitch for pointing this article out to us)

Introducing: Battlefield 1943!

So, apparently EA just announced Battlefield 1943 this morning, which is coming out this freaking summer. This is a welcome surprise, and seeing as how Battlefield 1942 is one of my favorite PC shooters ever, I can’t wait to create me some more sticky bombs out of moving jeeps.

They even did us a solid and released an awesome trailer, full of vehicle combat, turrets and straight up mayhem. Who else thinks this news totally rules?

Source- Kotaku