GamerSushi Asks: Online Launch Issues?

GTA Online Heist

Grand Theft Auto Online launched 10 days ago and it only now seems to have reached a stable state, much to the dismay of people with amnesia. For the rest of us, we all knew it would be a disaster, as we have seen this movie many times before and starring companies who have far more experience and know-how with online games than Rockstar does. Hell, if Blizzard can’t get it right with Diablo III, what chance does anyone else have?

That being said, it is pretty messed up that we can’t expect to play something we bought for on the day it launches: from Simcity to Call of Duty, the first day and even week can be a symphony of frustration to any gamer who dares dip their toe into the online world. How does this make you feel? Do you get angry at this or have you come to a place of serene acceptance, as I have? Are these just the breaks or should companies go out of their way to compensate their customers, as Rockstar is doing now with the bribe, I mean, gift of $500,000 for GTA Online? Should they stagger allowing certain timezones access or would that make you angry knowing that people on the East Coast are already playing while you have to wait a few more hours? Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Pixel Count: Most Anticipated September Release

September is the official first month of Fall and with it comes the official start of blockbuster games season. It’s not overflowing with gaming goodness and there is a legitimate reason that we can point to: Grand Theft Auto V. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Check the list and poll of games below and then meet me after the jump to discuss September’s offerings in further detail:

Most Anticipated September Release

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Poll: Most Anticipated May Release?

Well, we are starting to get closer to E3, where the game releases slow down even more. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few heavy hitters coming our way in the month of May. And by heavy hitters, I mean Diablo III. I’ve not heard much about this game, so that means it probably won’t sell well. I sure hope whoever the developer and publisher are survive the losses they are sure to take by releasing this game (Sarcasm, do not email me).

Making its return to our lives is Max Payne. The brooding, noir-y 3rd person shooter, now in the care of Rockstar (perhaps you’ve heard of them?) makes its debut this generation. After Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption success, many are curious as to whether they can work the same magic on Max Payne. It can’t be worse than the movie, right? Personally, I am sitting all of these games out this month. I am still working on Xenoblade Chronicles and as tempting as Diablo III, my PC can barely run Farmville right now. But enough about me…what’s on your radar?

Most Anticipated May Release?

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How Diablo is Diablo III?

diablo3Next to The Old Republic MMO, Diablo III is pretty much one of the only PC games that I’m really dying to get my hands on these days. I loved Diablo II, and playing co-op accounts for some of my favorite gaming moments.

As with many sequels, change has apparently come to the Diablo franchise, and many fans have voiced their unhappiness at the change in art style from the dark and gritty to the vibrant and colorful nature seen in WoW. Personally, I don’t really care that much, because the game will still be a blast to play.

But who cares what I think, since I’m not Bill Roper, one of the original bigwigs behind the Diablo series. And his opinion? He preferred the dark and gritty style better, but sees why Blizzard would go the way they did. Check out the quote after the jump.
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