Diablo III: Say Hello to The Wizard

This morning, Blizzard announced a new class to go along with the witch doctor and barbarian: the wizard! Now, you can mow down hordes of enemies with kick-ass AoE spells while stealing your friend’s loot. I can’t wait to see all of the new classes they continue to bring to this game. All we need now is some release info.

Source- Joystiq

More Diablo III Crazies

We all know that the Internet is full of crazies. Loonies. Nutsos. Especially when it comes to tampering with their favorite hobbies, namely gaming. When that game happens to be Diablo III, it seems that people move from regular crazy into the territory of slobbering fanboy crazy, which is a different kind of crazy altogether.

After all of the months of moaning about the brighter more colorful approach to the world of Diablo, Blizzard says that fans will have more reasons to hate them in the near future, when they release the next class of character that can be found in the game.

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