God Exists and We Have Proof: Brett Ratner Drops Out of God of War Movie

brett-ratner-nickelodeons-20th-annual-kids-choice-awards-1yu21zSometimes, Christmas comes early. Sometimes, your prayers are answered. And sometimes, the good guys win. Stop rubbing that rabbit’s foot as your luck finally turned. No, Uwe Boll didn’t lose his Director’s Guild membership, but Worstpreviews is reporting via Production Weekly that Brett Ratner, acclaimed (ahem) director behind the Rush Hour series and X-Men hater (judging from X-Men:The Last Stand, he clearly doesn’t like them) has left the upcoming God of War movie:

Over at Universal it looks like Brett Ratner has shelved ‘God Of War,’ and is moving forward on ‘Trump Heist’ with Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker.

I don’t think Kratos himself could have withstood that disaster. Now that Ratner has left to further drop Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker into the Realm of Irrelevance, who would you like to step in an take over? It’s a long shot, but Zack Snyder of 300 fame and the upcoming Watchmen would rock this world. Who’s your dream director?

Source: Worstpreviews.com

Today’s WTF: Guitar Hero Movie?

Rush Hour and X-Men 3 director Brett Ratner wants to take his franchise ruining stick and beat Guitar Hero with it, according to MTV Multiplayer. Ratner has featured the game in several different projects as of late, including a Miley Cyrus music video. His dream is to make a Guitar Hero movie. WTF?

I’ll give you a second to brace yourselves for the super-spectacular plot…

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