Gaming Pop Quiz, Summer Edition!

Well, we are entering into those hot summer months of video gaming, where there is usually a drought and we are forced to play or catch up on old titles. However, this year, we just got a new slew of games to get through, and that’s assuming we even got through the first couple of batches. I can’t wait to get caught up on Alan Wake, and I’m enjoying Red Dead Redemption for what little I’ve played of it. I figured with all of this going on, it was time for another Gaming Pop Quiz.

So, for our gaming pop quiz, we’ve come up with 7 different questions about your gaming history. As always with our getting-to-know-you type games, feel free to answer with as much or as little as you like. Obviously, some of these things you might not remember, but answer to the best of your ability. Go!

1. If you could switch the genre of any game to another, which game would it be and to what genre?

2. What games would you like to see bundled together and re-released in HD?

3. What is your favorite video game weapon/power-up of all time?

4. How many hours a week do you play video games?

5. What is the best boss battle you’ve played in a game?

6. Which video game do you most want to see as a movie, and who do you want attached to it?

7. What is the most money you’d pay for your favorite game, if video games ever started wildly fluctuating in price?

Quiz away, fools!