GamerSushi Extra Bytes, Ep 1: Old Man’s Cast

gamersushi show off topic

This week we’re trying something a bit different. As you can hear in the intro, this is ExtraBytes, an off-topic GamerSushi Show.

As Eddy and I couldn’t make it last week, Nick, Jeff and Anthony decided to convene anyways and record a cast about all sorts of stuff. It’s pretty neat, and a bit out there, but sometimes it’s good to talk about things other than video games.

The guys talk about Gravity for a big chunk at the start of the podcast, but even though they give a spoiler warning, they really don’t spoil anything you won’t know from the trailers.

Anyways, you know the drill. Listen, rate and let us know if you’d like to listen to more off-topic casts in the future!

0:00 – 0:57 Intro
0:57 – 14:41 Gravity
14:41 – 22:50 The Oscars
22:50 – 38:55 Books
38:55 – 41:01 Outro

Poll: Do You Read Video Game Books?

Besides being a fanatic gamer, one of my other hobbies (other than tearing up the drums) is being an avid reader. I’ve been in and out of it the past few years, but recently I’ve begun to pick up books again. One of my favorite authors at the moment is Karen Traviss, who you might know from her successful Republic Commando novels (which themselves were based off of a video game). Recently, Karen has been doing the writing duties on both the Gears of War novels and the third game, but she’s also announced that she’s taking up the mantel of Halo after Greg Bear is done with his Forerunner trilogy. Novel tie-ins are becoming more and more pronounced in the games industry, so I pose this question to you guys: have you ever read a video game book?

Do You Read Video Game Books?

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