WoW Could Be The World’s 4th Largest City

wow1It seems that WoW has now surpassed the 11.5 million subscriber mark this month, after decimating the 11 million mark just a short while ago. I guess those Wrath of the Lich King sales really pushed them over the edge. Who knew?

Seriously, though, that’s an absurd amount of subscribers. Stacked up against the biggest cities of the world, that places WoW just above Delhi, India which has 11.3 million people in the city proper. Just a couple more million to pass Mumbai (13.6 million), and that will be something quite unprecedented in gaming.

It’s hard to imagine that many people all playing the same game all the time. I’m really just baffled by that number. So how many of you here have played or are currently WoW players? You are a mighty army, I’m told. I’d rather not cross you.

Source- Kotaku

WoW: Blizzard To Charge For Custom Characters?

Blizzard has taken masochism to a new extreme over this weekend. Never have I seen a company so content to drop nuclear bombs on itself in so short a time as they have, announcing to the world that yes, “We will take your money with us smiling to our graves”.

The newest in the trilogy of wtf-inducing news items is that World of Warcraft is about to get paid character customization in the future. Want to have a special hat that nobody else has? Need the newest leather boots to impress the ladies? It’s just like middle school again, only you’re paying a monthly fee.

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