Beyond Good and Evil 2: What Do You Expect from Next Gen?

Beyond Good and Evil 2

For years, fans have been clamoring for a sequel to Michel Ancel’s cult classic, Beyond Good and Evil. Even though the game didn’t enjoy huge commercial success, it’s developed quite a following from those that experienced this sci-fi adventure set in a truly engrossing world. A couple of years back, Ubisoft teased those of us that have been dying for a follow-up with a short CGI trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2, but since then, rumors of the game’s cancellation and subsequent re-start have been in wild circulation.

Where does this game actually stand? Last week, some new details popped up in a video interview with Michel Ancel, which was then translated at NeoGAF. Apparently, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in active development — for next generation consoles. Since then, even more news has come to light, first in the form of leaked screenshots, but then in the form of a leaked environment video, showcasing some of the game’s settings. Continue reading Beyond Good and Evil 2: What Do You Expect from Next Gen?

Sad Gaming News is Sad

Sad ClockWell, in the last 24 hours, there are two kind of sad pieces of gaming information that have come across the Intertubes. Not like, cry-your-eyes-out sad, but not happy nonetheless.

The first comes from Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, concerning his voicing of the Joker. He has reportedly said that Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 will be the last time he ever voices the character, which is pretty crazy. I think the guy probably has the best Joker voice out of any of the movies or animated series out there, so it’s a bit melancholy to hear that he’s hanging up the spurs. Or the clown shoes. I suppose that means no Joker in B:AA 3?

The second pieces of news makes my heart hurt a little. You all know of my great love for Beyond Good and Evil, last gen’s Zelda-esque sci fi/fantasy adventure by Ubisoft. For years now, the sequel has been in development, but besides a brief teaser trailer, we’ve had no news of the game. Well, there seems to be a bit of a reason for that, as creator Michael Ancel has parted ways with Ubisoft. The future of the game is now in doubt.

So what do you guys think about these items? Who else needs a hanky?

Source- IGN and NeoGAF

GamerSushi Asks: Beyond Good and Evil?

bgeBeyond Good and Evil was secretly one of the best games of last gen. Playing a lot like one of the more recent Zelda entries, it had an engrossing story, great writing and characters that you really cared about. It was easily in my top 5 games that I played on the PS2, which is a pretty solid list, if you ask me.

The creator, Michael Ancel (the dude behind Rayman) just did an interview recently where he talked about some of the issues and inspirations behind the game and its upcoming sequel, which include 9/11 and Miyazaki, the man who created great anime features such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. I think one of the coolest things about Beyond Good and Evil was not only its imaginative world, but also the themes of a planet besieged by a foreign threat and a corrupt government. One comment in particular struck me, as he spoke about games like Zelda being out of touch, because they don’t focus on things that are current or relevant.

It just goes to show that there are some creators out there trying to push the envelope in gaming, and I love them for it. I can’t wait for Beyond Good and Evil 2. So, did you guys ever play the first game? If you haven’t I highly recommend it. It’s fairly cheap on Steam. It really is a remarkable experience.

Source- Eurogamer