100 Best Games to Play Right Now

ootWe all love lists. You know it’s true. It’s so fun to look at something that’s ordinarily so difficult to measure and to break it down in to easy to understand numbers. And then after we’re done, we can bitch about whether or not the list was right, in our oh so humble opinions.

Anywho, Edge has put up a list of 100 Best Games to Play Today, and it’s a pretty epic order. It’s not exactly a “best games of all time” list. But rather, if you had access to every game ever made, these are the 100 that you should play right away, classic or not. Definitely an interesting take.

While I don’t know that I’d put Ocarina of Time at the top, I have to say that I love that Mario 64 came in second, as that would probably be my number 1 or close to it as well. Also, their description of Counter-Strike is absolutely perfection.

What did you guys think of the list? What would be the first games you would play with access to every game ever made?

Source- Edge Online