Battlefield 3 Full Length Fault Line Trailer is the Best B-Day Gift

How sweet of DICE and EA to drop the full length Battlefield 3 Fault Line trailer a few days early so it coincides with my Birthday. I know this is just a small coincidence, but let me have this, damn it. Following up on the previous three trailers I posted for BF3, this twelve minute numbers shows the action in its entirety with the cuts being reserved for getting you to the action quicker as opposed to just teasing the juicy bits. Enjoy.

Even though we’ve seen most of this before, it still looks amazing. Sure, the dialogue and voice acting are a little ho-hum and the AI of the enemies seems pretty basic, but for an Alpha build DICE really have the destruction mechanics and the graphics nailed down. Are you guys still pumped for BF3?

Battlefield 3 Returns With Fault Line Part 2

Continuing in the grand tradition of posting videos only I care about, I bring you the next installment of the “Fault Line” series of trailers for Battlefield 3. Previously on Fault Line, we saw our squad of Marines take the fight to some insurgents in a parking lot, but this time around they’re up against a sniper with a fifty caliber rifle. How do you deal with such a threat? Heavy ordnance, of course. Have a look at Fault Line Part 2: Good Effect on Target:

It’s still amazing to me that this is apparently an Alpha build, because the whole thing is really impressive. I know that I’ve said that quite a few times about this game, but for real, take a look at those animations. Part three will debut on the 30 of March, so come back then for the newest episode! What do you guys think of this trailer?