Angry Birds to be Released on PSN Tomorrow

angry birds

Stuck with a dumb phone instead of a smart phone? I’m in the same boat and frankly, I am tired of hearing about Angry Birds, as I am sure the rest of you are. It’s probably just one of those stupid games that tweens like and…wazzat? It’s coming out on the PSN tomorrow as a Playstation Mini, which means you can play it on your PS3 or PSP? I’ve suddenly had a change of heart!

All kidding aside, I’ve heard so much about this game that I am quite excited to finally get a taste of what iPhone games are like, albeit translated through a console. I’ve played several other Playstation Minis and they are very enjoyable, good for small doses of gaming. I’m sure Angry Birds will fit right into that niche. Now I can go back and watch that skit from the VGA’s and understand it!

Is anyone else excited to get a chance to play this phenomenon? Any Angry Birds fans have tips for us newly angry birds?

Source: Playstation Blog