Aliens Vs Predator Banned in Australia, Developers Fire Back

The Land Down Under is known for many things, like koalas, giant cans of beer and Crocodile Dundee (not to mention all around manly-man Saxton Hale from Team Fortress 2 lore), but it’s also home to some of the most draconian video game rating laws on the planet. How the system works is that if a title is rated over MA15+, then it’s “refused classification” and cannot be sold in the country. Big surprise, then, that the upcoming Aliens Versus Predator by Rebellion has been banned. The game features two of the most acclaimed movie monsters of our time, and the films they’ve starred in have never been stringy on the violence.

If a developer wants to skirt a ban then they have to modify the content of their game so it meets the harsh criteria. Bethesda and Valve have both bowed to the iron will of the Australian government, but Rebellion is not backing down. They’re not going to modify the content, and they have one of the sassiest PR responses I’ve ever seen:

“The content of AVP is based on some of the most innovative and iconic horror movies, and as such we wanted to create a title that was true to the source material. It is for adults, and it is bloody and frightening, that was our intent. We will not be releasing a sanitised or cut down version for territories where adults are not considered by their governments to be able to make their own entertainment choices.”

Take that, Australia! That’s a nice intelligent response, but I doubt it’s going to sway the Australian government. How do you guys feel? I don’t think we’ve talked about Australia’s ratings before, so give me you thoughts on those, too. On the subject of AVP itself, who’s picking this up? I know I am!

Source: Kotaku