The GamerSushi Show, Ep 61: Love Cast

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Welcome back to The GamerSushi Show, where a three-man team consisting of Eddy, Anthony and Jeff lull you in with their sultry voices as they talk various bits of gaming news and other sexy stuff.

Since this cast was recorded on Valentine’s Day, there’s kind of a running joke throughout. I’ll leave it up to you to find out what it is, though. In terms of actual topics, the trio talked 9GN, some gaming news including the new Batman game and Destiny, what would happen if Telltale tackled the Aliens franchise, the PS4 controller, and polished it off with a nice discussion about what they love about gaming. I wish I had been able to get in on that last topic, because it’s a really good one.

Alright all you gamers out there, you know how this goes. Listen and rate, and let us know what you love about gaming!

0:00 – 3:50 Intro
3:51 – 8:15 Anthony’s 9GN article
8:16 – 9:40 Site updates and streaming
9:41 – 17:45 Gaming news round up
17:36 – 20:59 Could Telltale tackle Aliens
21:00 – 26:44 PS4 touchscreen controller
26:45 – 56:09 Things We Love About Gaming
56:10 – 1:01:15 Outro

9GN: How IGN Went Overboard With Game Reviews


IGN gave 84 games a 9 or higher in 2012, which is considered “Amazing” on their scale.

I shouldn’t have to say anymore than that to render you speechless, but let’s look at the full description for a 9 on the IGN rubric:

“One of the best games out there. When this generation of games ends, people will look back and say, “This was one of the best games made for the system.” It might have a few flaws, but this is a must-buy.”

Again, that should be all I need to say. IGN says there were 84 of those in 2012. Seems incredible, right? 2012 was a surprisingly good year for games, but 84? How many games did you play last year? 12? Maybe 15 on the high-end? And yet IGN is telling us that when this generation of games ends, we will look back at 84 different games in 2012 (this isn’t including each version of a multiplatform title) and say it was one of the best games made for its respective system? That’s insane and it is becoming an issue. What is the average gamer supposed to do with that? Continue reading 9GN: How IGN Went Overboard With Game Reviews