The Eight Hour Halo Wars Duel

halo-wars-rtsYeesh. Talk about an online multiplayer slugfest. While browsing through the Halo Wars forums today, I caught this thread about a particularly epic battle that a poster’s roommate was involved in.

You see, it started out as a 2v2 match, in which the poster was defeated early on. His roommate (scruffalupogus) held his ground however, and proceeded to battle the two opponents to a standstill. This continued for a while. And by “a while”, I mean all night and into the next morning. And the afternoon. Eventually, one of the teammates quit, leaving just two combatants, scruffalupogus and GL0RYSEEKER to duel it out, RTS style, for a grand total of an 8 hour Halo Wars match.

Yes. 8 hours. You can check the match out here. Hit the jump for a few noteworthy statistics…
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