Gears of War 2: Multiplayer Diary

The new Gears of War 2 Developer Diary hit today, this time highlighting the game’s multiplayer fun-itude. Right now, it’s being hosted at ESPN, which is kind of odd, but hey, it is what it is. It’s cool to hear the devs talk about their philosophy of multiplayer and to see a little bit of new footage.

So far, looks fun. I was decently entertained by the GoW multiplayer when it first hit, and I even went through the trouble of getting most of the achievements. I’m really looking forward to the co-op modes, but this should still be a pretty awesome distraction when I first grab the game.

Source- ESPN

Mirror’s Edge Gameplay Tastiness

Hard to really say too much about Mirror’s Edge, which drops in stores in November. Watching this game in person at PAX was incredible. There’s something about catching the design and the game in motion that is truly a unique experience. I’ve really never seen anything quite like it. Who knows how fun it’s going to actually be, but this gameplay video has me a little drool-happy. I can has?

Is anybody planning on getting this game? Is this footage not sick?

Source- Kotaku

Gears of War 2: Horde Mode “Do-Nots”

For those of you who don’t know, Gears of War 2 features “Horde Mode”, where you and 4 friends are holed up in an area, attempting to survive wave after wave of next gen baddies.

While this sounds like co-op heaven, multiplayer games are tarnished by just one d-bag that doesn’t know how to play the game or refuses to play by the rules.

Well, OXM has released its list of the “7 Deadly Sins of Horde Mode” in preparation for the big GoW2 release date.

Read up and get familiar with the sins in question so you don’t muck up my Horde game!

Source- OXM

Gears of War 2: Das Weapons

Once again, Gears of War 2 news is starting to spill out left and right. While the hype for the game is building, I really don’t think it’s seen the stupid-iculous proportions that say, Halo 3 saw (Mountain Dew Master Chief, wtf?).

Kotaku recently posted a few hands-on impressions of the game, which includes a brief list of Gears of War 2’s weapons. There is even a list of vehicles in there, which was a fun and slightly unexpected addition. A tank? A helicopter? Tell me more.

Best of all, the writer says that he never played the first one, and even hates shooters- but loved what he got his hands on. Sounds like a good time. Go read!

Source- Kotaku

Flying the Reaver in Gears of War 2

While it is an unusually slow time for video game news, there is apparently an unending well of information regarding Gears of War 2.

Some new Gears of War 2 screenshots were released today, showing off some more of the game’s gorgeous visuals and fairly varied locales. While somewhat similar, they at least look more colorful than the first game, which was mostly just brown places. One of the screenshots in particular that is eye-grabbing is the shot of the heroes atop a flying Reaver, escaping from some terrible and gigantic beast-thing. Hype level: rising.

Source- Xbox360Fanboy

Sin and Punishment 2 Teaser

Wow. Got to hand it to Nintendo for this one. If you were unaware, a game existed in Japan for the N64 called Sin and Punishment, an on-rails shooter that many consider to be one of the best of the N64, if not one of the best in that genre altogether. Sadly, we never knew its joy in America except through drastic means.

Well, it looks like a Sin and Punishment sequel is going to be hitting the Wii, and even though it’s just a teaser trailer, some of the gameplay footage really does look incredible. Now that I’m done peeing my pants about it, watch the video.

Introducing: Skorge in Gears of War 2

In light of the end of the Gears of War 2 Campaign NDA, news and screens are starting to break all around the Web about the single player portion of Epic’s upcoming game. One of the announcements that hit that is seemingly unrelated is that Skorge, the predator-looking locust seen in some recent screenshots, is going to be playable in Gears of War 2 Multiplayer.

He is kind of awesome looking, though it seems that his dual-chainsawed staff will be toned down or removed in order to keep things balanced. Also, he’ll be the end boss that shows up in the co-op Horde mode, which pits 5 players against AI armies of locusts. Cool stuff!

Source- AddictGaming

Halo 3: Prepare to Drop

So last night, I posted about the countdown that appeared on Bungie. Well, the countdown is officially over, and with its end came a new teaser for a brand new game, as some were anticipating. It’s no Halo 4, if that’s what you’re hoping for, but it is related to the Halo universe.

While not many details are given, and it remains enigmatic as ever (thanks Bungie), there are a few clues to pick up on.

Video after the jump.

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Gears of War Dev Diary: Story

While the Dev Diary from Epic from a few weeks ago covered the weapons of Gears of War 2, we finally have something that dives just a little bit into the story of the game, which I am excited about. Even though the story in the first game was in the background, with the grizzly gory beefy guys in the foreground, I thought the foundation was there for a potentially cool narrative. Hopefully, we’ll get that in the sequel.