Uncharted 2 Announcement Teaser

We all knew it was coming, but I didn’t expect to see anything so soon. Apparently Spike TV is teasing an announcement of some kind for Uncharted 2, and they’ve even included a nifty little trailer. This is one of the more exciting franchises I’ve played in recent years, and might be the best thing that the PS3 has going for it. Hopefully we’ll see more on December 14, at the Video Game Awards.

Epic Prince of Persia Trailer Makes Me Happy

Time for another epic trailer for Prince of Persia before I start eating lots of turkey until something in my stomach blows or fails. Every step of the way, I’ve been terribly impressed by this game’s artful care, which ranges from the design to the graphics and even the story, as shown here. I really can’t wait. This is out next Tuesday, December 2, by the way.

Anybody picking it up?

Favorite Platformers?

The platformer is a dying breed in today’s game world that is filled with shooters, gore, exploding aliens and musical game clones. We don’t always get the same kind of games that we used to get, and sometimes I really miss this genre, because it’s so often overlooked by the big gaming studios. Because of that, it’s kind of interesting that we’re getting a few great platformers this holiday season.

As kind of the early staple of gaming, it shouldn’t be any surprise that these games are still fun. There’s something so delightfully simple about pushing one button and seeing a response on the screen. Where most games have gotten needlessly complicated, platformers are pure gaming enjoyment.

Games like LittleBigPlanet, Prince of Persia and even Mirrors Edge can hopefully shine the spotlight on the fun of platforming in video games. Who knows, maybe they can rekindle the fire. What do you guys think? What are some of your favorite platformers of all time?

Go, go, go!

Eidos Wants Negative Tomb Raider Reviews Delayed

In today’s gaming culture and in the age of Metacritic, this isn’t all that surprising, but it seems that Eidos is asking that anyone who gives the new Tomb Raider a score under an 8 has to delay their reviews. Basically, they’re trying to boost the game’s Metacritic score in order to persuade buyers.

While I understand it in the business sense, it’s kind of shady seeing as how Eidos was part of the whole Gerstmann-gate/Gamespot scandal all those many months ago. It’s not entirely too shocking that video game companies have this kind of hold over the reviewers that they advertise with, but it really is just another sign that gaming editorials these days are jacked.

It especially makes me miss Dan Hsu, former editor-in-chief at EGM, who always took the ballsiest stance possible against these kinds of shenanigans. What do you guys think of Eidos’ policy on game reviews- fair or foul?

Source- Shacknews

Prince of Persia: Open World and Story

Prince of Persia, why must you appear so tasty? Something I didn’t know about this game is that instead of being linear, it takes place in an open world. Definitely a different take on the series, and one that might add even more interesting twists to the Price of Persia franchise.

Also, if you’ve played Uncharted, the dude that plays Nate is the Prince. So that rules.

Mirrors Edge 2D Flash Game Kind of Rules

There’s a new Mirrors Edge 2D flash game out that is actually pretty sweet. It’s a joint project from Brad Borne and EA to bring the Mirrors Edge experience to the browser, and I’m surprised by just how fun it is. You can do a bunch of the normal moves of the game including sliding, jumping, wall kicks, etc.

Even though this is just a one level beta, I’m thoroughly impressed by what’s pulled off. It’s relatively difficult, but I’ve got to say that if the final game is anything like that, I’ll be playing it on my browser, that’s for sure. As for the real game, it’s still on the Gamefly queue. How many of you guys have gotten to play it? Thoughts?

Source- Borne Games

Another Prince of Persia Story Trailer

Sigh. Another really cool trailer for Prince of Persia. I guess you can watch it and get happy or something. Me? I’ll just sulk because it means another $60 out of my pocket. Thanks video gaming. You rule like a kick in the nuts.

Mirror’s Edge Arrives, Sneaky Style

So in all the hoop-lah from Gears of War 2 over the weekend, I forgot that Mirror’s Edge was going to show up today. Today! I’m totally at a loss for how I’m going to manage to play this game with everything else, seeing as how I need to move on to other games, but keep playing Horde mode. Anywho, there are some new videos out on GameTrailers showing even more of this awesome gameplay, and reviews are starting to come out everywhere as well.

The question, as always- who’s actually picking this up today? Let us know!

Pitch Your Game: Ridiculous Version

Here at GamerSushi, we’re not only about talking about our favorite video games, we’re all about being creative and making them, too. Granted, none of us are developers, coders, artists, and any of that stuff. But we can play a mean lick on Guitar Hero or pull off a triple jump on Mario. That should be enough right?

Since we’re completely qualified to make up new games, we figured we’d start off with some of the most ludicrous, ridiculous, cheesy and stupid ideas for video games that we could think of, in a new feature called “Pitch Your Game!”

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Mirror’s Edge Impressions: Free Running Bliss

So last week, the Mirror’s Edge Demo dropped with a mighty splash on Sony’s PSN as well as XBox Live, bringing with it the stylized First Person Platformer that we’ve been catching tantalizing glimpses of for months.

The demo comes with a trial mode (if you’ve pre-ordered the game) as well as a tutorial and a small bit of the single player campaign. Having been excited about this one for a few months, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and give it some control time myself. So how does it hold up?

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Little Big Planet as a Shooter

At some point, the Internet will stop going crazy over LittleBigPlanet levels, but I admit, that day is not today. I’m still fascinated by what people can do in this game, and it always seems to grow the more people get their hands around the game and some of its tools. This next level is a re-creation of the first level of Gradius, the side-scrolling space shooter. I really can’t believe it.

I caved and bought this game over the weekend and so far I love it. How many of you guys have played it?


Prince of Persia Gameplay Trailer

Man, why must the new Prince of Persia look so enticing? I kept wanting to write this game off after the last couple, but everything I see just makes it look so good. Take this new gameplay trailer, for instance, which shows off long segments of platforming, spinning, jumping, diving, and glorious wall running. Can’t wait for this.

Who else is going to play this game?

New Little Big Planet Levels And More

I just started digging into User Created levels last night and after about 5 minutes, I was frantically calling Eddy to tell him how awesome it all was. Well, the good news doesn’t end there as Gamepro.com is reporting that Sony has confirmed that Media Molecule will be adding new levels and more as DLC.

Eric Fong says,

Yes, Media Molecule is continuing to add to the player experience with new levels, costumes, materials, and a host of other content.

I love what I have played so far and I look forward to more goodness from the MM crew. Have you guys played this yet?


Source- Gamepro

TGS: Prince of Persia Trailer

Since the Tokyo Game Show is now in full swing, expect all kinds of crazy news and videos for the next few days. Among these is this gem of a trailer for the new Prince of Persia game (coming December 2nd), which I admit to being completely disinterested in until I saw a similarly awesome trailer for it at PAX.

I loved the first game in the series, and after that it started going downhill. This looks to be a step in the right direction, and I have to say, the art style is just gorgeous. Who else is pumped for this game?

Source- Kotaku

Mega Man Create-A-Boss

Now that Mega Man 9 has landed, it seems like the retro craze is firing up. I was a big fan of the Mega Man series on the original NES, so I’m really pumped to see this one finally out. Like we’ve said before, it seems that some styles of gaming never get old.

All of that lead up is to introduce a new app from Destructoid that is blowing my mind: the Mega Man 9 Boss Maker. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. You can mix, match, customize and name your own boss character for the Mega Man series, and it’s a blast.

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The Super Mario Wish List

For many, the name Mario is synonymous with platform gaming and console gaming as a whole. Nintendo’s mustached mascot has become a global icon over the past couple of decades, and his self-titled platformers seem to show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

With the release of each successive proper Mario title (let’s just exclude Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Sunshine, shall we?), Nintendo has found ways to up the ante, building on the formula and shaking it up enough to make it new and exciting.

SMB3 added super suits and a huge world where players could explore new areas by choice, Super Mario World expanded the exploration and included new platforming elements, Super Mario 64 blew open the Mushroom Kingdom into three dimensions and Super Mario Galaxies stretched those dimensions upside down and around curved planetoids.

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