PAX: That PS Triple

Get your envy sticks out, because I’m all set and ready to leave for PAX this weekend. While Microsoft has already revealed their lineup for the Expo (and it’s quite good), I’ve still been curious to see what Sony is going to have ready for the throng of gamers like myself.

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Little Big Planet Image Importing Only Via PS Eye

In news that may come as a blow to many gamers hoping to get their “create on” with Little Big Planet, in a recent interview with, producer Pete Smith and interface designer Jim Unwin confirmed what many had feared:

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GamerSushi at Pax!

This weekend I will be attending PAX (otherwise known as Penny Arcade Expo), the gamer’s mecca, taking pictures and video of everything that the game devs are going to be showing off.

Things I hope to do include: get a hands-on impression of the new 360 dashboard, check out the playable Left 4 Dead, attend a screening of Second Skin the MMO documentary and play Rock Band until my ears bleed.

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