Fake Dragon Age DLC Trailer is Hilarious

One thing that makes PC gaming great: the ability to infuse new life into a gaming via the modding community. In what I hope to be the first of many Dragon Age: Origins releases, a new DLC trailer is available that showcases some hilarious tweaks made to the game and how it’s played.

Not only is this a look into what is available to modders, it also showcases some of the machinima tools available to users. I really can’t wait to see more of what people come up with. I’d have to say my favorite portion is the Morrigan slapping, as well as mastering “the taint”. Do watch this. Now.


DeLorean in Crysis = Awesome

Crysis was an underappreciated gem, in my opinion, and one of the most endearing facets of this game was that it was fairly easy to mod. During my time with Crytek’s military sci-fi shooter, I saw some pretty neat stuff, but nothing that could combine my love of video gaming with one of my favorite movies. Today, I finally get my wish. Check out the following video which features a DeLorean in Crysis. Does it travel through time? Maybe. You’ll have to find out.

1.21 Gigawatts?!

Awesome Mod Brings Call of Duty to Star Wars

If there’s two things I love, it’s Star Wars and shooting people in the face. Thankfully, a nice group of modders calling themselves blackMonkeys shares my love of sci-fi warfare and are hard at work on a total conversion kit for Call of Duty 4 called “Galactic Warfare”, which takes the silky smooth game-play of CoD and fits it in with classic Star Wars imagery.

The trailer for the mod showcases Stormtroopers and Rebel fighters battling it out in Mos Eisely, and it looks like everything that I hoped Battlefront II would be. With the future of the Battlefront series in limbo, I’m looking forward to trying this out when the mod is complete. Check out the video:

Someone Should Make This TF2 RPG

tf2rpgI’ve seen a lot of mash ups in my life, and they don’t always work. However, when they’re solid, they’re freaking rock solid, and this is no exception. Over on the Team Fortress 2 Maps forums, user goldenhearted has thrown together a wicked concept: a Team Fortress 2 RPG, complete with a party of the Heavy and the Medic, on a mission to locate the Scout.

The really cool part about all of it is the menus and the user interface that he’s put together, complete with the classic and colorful Team Fortress 2 look. He’s posed a few cut scenes together with GMod, and even has some loading screen mock ups. All of it is really slick and just screams to be made into an actual game. So, modders, if you’re reading this, get to it!

To check out the awesome gallery of photos, head over to TF2Maps. Thanks to Lord Ned for the heads up.

Tornado Chasing Comes to GMod

tornadochaseI’m sure that many of you are familiar with the Facepunch forums, especially those of you that are HL2 fanatics of different shapes and sizes. Like most forums, it’s full of its own amount of useless drivel, but occasionally, you’ll find a truly precious gem in its hallowed annals.

This particular gem is gm_tornadochase, a new GMod map being built by user monkeyjoe_, who has had real life experience chasing tornadoes. Yes, the premise is exactly what it sounds like. There is a big freaking tornado on the map, complete with realistic physics and swirling debris, and your job is survive by building structures. Also, you can release research probes up into the vortex to gather data for the stormchaser team.

To me, this is one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen out of a gaming community, and I wanted to share it here. It’s not quite finished, but apparently it’s getting there. There are lots of pictures and even some video demonstrations available in the thread. What do you guys think? Is this bad ass or what?

Source- Facepunch

Dude Creates Team Fortress 2 Dispenser

tf2dispenserI am maybe the least handy person in a world. I can’t build anything for crap. You should have seen my lame shop class creations. So that’s why I’m always absurdly impressed by the things that gamers come up with given the time, determination and the resources.

Take this guy, for instance, who built himself a real-life Team Fortress 2 dispenser. No he’s not a TF2 engineer, and no, it doesn’t give out ammo and health, but it does hold beer as well as all of his network equipment, such as his router and DSL Modem. It’s also got his phone and answering machine. Go figure.

So who wants one? Sign me up. If you’re interested in how he built the thing, check it out here, and if you’d like to see more pictures, check those out here.

Source- Steam Forums

Boomer In A Thong Makes Left 4 Dead Sexy

boomer-thongBeing out of the PC gaming scene for awhile now (not by choice, it’s just that updating rigs is expensive), I sometimes miss out on one of the coolest aspects of it- community content. The mods, the skins, the updates, it’s all totally worth it to buy a game because over the course of a couple of years, you get what you paid for from what people add on.

It seems this is already the case with Left 4 Dead, as there are already mods and such for the zombie shoot-em-up. This one, however, just about made me pee my pants in laughter. The boomer in a thong. That’s right. He’s big. He’s burpy. He’s thongy. And he’s sexy as hell.

You should definitely check out the screenshots for a good laugh. Heck, download it yourself and get in on the sexy action. Anybody else seen some good L4D mods/skins?

Source- FPS Banana. Also, Slowa found this at Left4Dead411, as well.

Ridiculous Super Sized Fat Man in Fallout 3

Like Fallout 3? Love explosions? Ever wanted to see 96 nukes go off at the same time from this super deluxe Fat Man v2? This is kind of awesome.

By the way, if you’d like to try this for yourself on Fallout 3 for the PC, download this dude and this guy.

Black Mesa Source Trailer Is In-Freaking-Credible

Seriously. This is just too cool for words. In another case of “awesome fan made shizzle”, a new trailer has come out from the dudes over at BlackMesaSource, the Half-Life 2 Mod that re-creates Half-Life 1 with graphics straight from the Source engine. The result? I just made up a new word for it. Fantastic-ness.

You Got Link in my RE4

We don’t like to post two videos in a row here, but this one is so cool I just had to make the exception. This is some kind hack/mod of Resident Evil 4, where a Link model was added. It is kind of awesome looking, and I kind of wish that the whole thing was in Hyrule, etc. Give it a watch.


Sexy Metal Gear PS3 is Sexy

In what may be one of the hottest and most awesome custom consoles I’ve ever seen, Morpheon Mods has listed a Metal Gear Solid themed PS3 on EBay. The console and controller are fitted with all kinds of crazy modifications to make this thing sleek as hell, and you can even view the design at night, because of a bunch of LEDs fitted to it. Oh yeah- Kojima signed, it too.

In addition, it comes with a bunch of MGS goodies, some of them rare and unique. On top of all of that, 15% of sales will be going to the Penny Arcade “Child’s Play” charity.

I am seriously in awe. Go check out the pictures!

Source- EBay via PS3Fanboy