Rumor: Terminator MMO?

terminatorOut of all the lucrative sci-fi properties floating out in license land, I’m surprised that nobody’s been able to make a decent Terminator game. I mean, the series has it all. Time travel, killer robots, bad ass characters. There’s really a lot of potential there, and so far, nobody’s delivered.

However, there’s always hope. In fact, Halcyon games, part of the Halcyon Company, which owns the rights to the Terminator franchise, has been hinting about discussions for a possible Terminator MMO. Granted, these guys are also making a Terminator: Salvation game which doesn’t look all that great, but even still, the idea is definitely a cool one.

The Terminator franchise would be the perfect fit for an MMO, in my opinion. Imagine if instead of other continents (a la WOW), the game sported different time periods to visit. Playing as the human resistance against the machines could make for some great gameplay as well.

So what do you guys think? Crazy, or cool?

Source- IncGamers

WoW Could Be The World’s 4th Largest City

wow1It seems that WoW has now surpassed the 11.5 million subscriber mark this month, after decimating the 11 million mark just a short while ago. I guess those Wrath of the Lich King sales really pushed them over the edge. Who knew?

Seriously, though, that’s an absurd amount of subscribers. Stacked up against the biggest cities of the world, that places WoW just above Delhi, India which has 11.3 million people in the city proper. Just a couple more million to pass Mumbai (13.6 million), and that will be something quite unprecedented in gaming.

It’s hard to imagine that many people all playing the same game all the time. I’m really just baffled by that number. So how many of you here have played or are currently WoW players? You are a mighty army, I’m told. I’d rather not cross you.

Source- Kotaku

Today’s WTF: Second Life Movie?

secondlifeAre you ready for the megaton WTF bomb for the day? Possibly even the week? I’m going to have to do it quickly though. It’s kind of like ripping off a band-aid, where it’s best to just do it and get it over with. Ok, well here goes nothing: Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) has snagged the rights to a Second Life movie.

Yeah. You read that correctly. The story specifically has to do with a married dude who’s got a wife inside of the game as well. Dun dun dun!

So yeah, this guy is also making the Bioshock movie. And now, Second Life. Talk about a WTF inducing story. Anybody else NOT going to go see this one?

Source- Variety

First Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Footage

Speaking of MMO’s making people shirk their responsibilities and fall off the grid, it seems that Bioware’s KOTOR MMO has debuted with its first video documentary. What’s so special about it? Well, it has some of the first actual footage of the KOTOR MMO on it, ready for your viewing.

It actually doesn’t show all that much, which makes sense this early on, but even still, I’m intrigued. Anybody else interested in this?

Play WoW, Quit College

I do my best to stay away from MMO’s. From some of their earliest conceptions (including Everquest), I have seen friends, family and acquaintances taken down by these silent killers. The couple of times I attempted to play were akin to time travel, my weekend having suddenly flown by in a blur. They are truly evil machinations.

Well, according to the FCC Commissioner, it’s worse than we thought. Apparently, they have found that World of Warcraft is one of the leading causes of college drop-outs in this day and age. Not sex, drugs, alcohol or anything of that ilk- but an MMO.

While some might call foul, I don’t find this that hard to believe. Having nobody to dictate your schedule and becoming addicted to a video game in college is a terrible snare to be trapped in, and I remember Counter-Strike sucking away most of my freshman year. These things can happen.

So what do you guys think? Ever had a gaming addiction problem? And how shocking is it that WoW is a leading cause for dropping out of college?

Source- GamePolitics

Wheel of Time MMO?

I’m not sure how many of you have ever read or attempted to read The Wheel of Time books by the late Robert Jordan. If you haven’t, you should know that they are a huge series of epic fantasy books, sometimes awesome, sometimes frustrating, but always long. They are now on book 11 out of 12, with the last being finished by a new author, since Jordan has passed on.

Well, in news that’s not so surprising, it looks like Red Eagle Entertainment has picked up the rights to do movies, TV shows, and even games based on the property. Quite frankly, I’m surprised this didn’t go down sooner, considering how many fans of the series there are out there.

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CVG has up some updated information regarding the working KOTOR MMO that everyone in the entire universe (and by that I mean myself) is itching to play. The main feature in this article is about the single player experience, or that the MMO is designed to feel more like Bioware’s single player games, rather than the typical MMO with endless grinding and no substance.

The cool bits of the article relate to character customization, which will apparently be fairly robust as well as the companion characters, which are NPC party members who interact with you just as they do in other Bioware games. It really sounds like they want to give players the KOTOR they’ve been waiting for, in addition to a great MMO.

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Pitch Your Game: Ridiculous Version

Here at GamerSushi, we’re not only about talking about our favorite video games, we’re all about being creative and making them, too. Granted, none of us are developers, coders, artists, and any of that stuff. But we can play a mean lick on Guitar Hero or pull off a triple jump on Mario. That should be enough right?

Since we’re completely qualified to make up new games, we figured we’d start off with some of the most ludicrous, ridiculous, cheesy and stupid ideas for video games that we could think of, in a new feature called “Pitch Your Game!”

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Zombie Infection in WoW

Starting last weekend, zombies began appearing in World of Warcraft, infecting all in their path with their hatred of the living and their love of tasty non-NPC flesh. Basically, anybody that came into contact with a zombie had to get a cure, or become a zombie themselves.

Hundreds of thousands were infected. It was meant to be a fun Halloween game plus a promotion for the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. However, Blizzard had to put an end to the blight yesterday. Why, you ask?  Because grumpy WoW players couldn’t have any fun, and were upset that the zombies were ruining their gameplay experience.

I guess not everyone shares my feelings that Zombies make everything better.

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Bioware Announces the New KOTOR MMO

Ah, at last we have arrived. Even though people have known about this project for months, it’s finally official: Bioware is indeed working with LucasArts to create a new KOTOR MMO titled The Old Republic. It takes place about 300 years after KOTOR, and centers on the war between the Old Republic and the Empire.

IGN has a writeup of one of the pillars of the game– characters and story, something that’s lost in MMOs typically. Bioware’s goal is to let you feel like you are actually part of the narrative. Rather than having some big general story that everyone kind of participates in, there is an overarching story for each class. Sounds incredible and ambitious.

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WoW: Blizzard To Charge For Custom Characters?

Blizzard has taken masochism to a new extreme over this weekend. Never have I seen a company so content to drop nuclear bombs on itself in so short a time as they have, announcing to the world that yes, “We will take your money with us smiling to our graves”.

The newest in the trilogy of wtf-inducing news items is that World of Warcraft is about to get paid character customization in the future. Want to have a special hat that nobody else has? Need the newest leather boots to impress the ladies? It’s just like middle school again, only you’re paying a monthly fee.

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Top 5: Video Game Binges

As you well know, the holiday season is looming, teasing us with its glowing goodness and promise of days off of work and school alike. However, there’s one other thing that the holidays bring to us every year, lumbering towards us like great Godzilla-monsters ready to trample our social lives to ruin: video games.

Sometimes, in these awesome and terrible times with nothing but free time and a pile of gaming to get through, we do things we are not altogether proud of: We binge. It’s like that inner beast takes over, a beast that isn’t satiated until we finish those games. You know what I’m talking about.

I bring you several instances where this happened in my life. Here are my top 5 video game binges:

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Rumor: Revealing the KOTOR MMO

The long-rumored (and sort of confirmed by EA) KOTOR MMO has been a thing of legend over the last few months. As a joint venture between LucasArts and Bioware, it’s got fanboys (namely, me) chomping at the bit for any kind of official confirmation or piece of news to show that dear sweet Lord, it is true.

Well, according to CVG, that news is coming soon. Like, in just a few weeks.

Personally, I’m dying to hear something about this game, seeing as how KOTOR is one of my favorite games of all time. I’ve never allowed myself to touch an RPG, but for this, I just might have to break those rules.

What about you guys? Excited about a KOTOR MMO?

Source- CVG

The Halo MMO That Almost Was

In case you didn’t know, Ensemble Studios, creators of Age of Empires as well as the upcoming Halo Wars, is closing shop soon. This announcement came rather suddenly, and makes a few wonder what’s going to happen to any future titles of those properties.

With this announcement, some information is starting to leak about old projects that got the axe at Ensemble, too, including a Halo MMO that was in development until last year.

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I must admit that I have always been tempted to jump in to the MMO genre. But over the years, having lost my friends (and even some in my family) to the big hungry MMO lords like World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot and Everquest, I decided to keep my distance.

Also, I never wanted to be these guys, who hooked up a treadmill in an attempt to simulate running across the plains of Azeroth in search of grand adventure.