Is Co-Op the New Versus?

When I think back on the times that define my life as a gamer, the moments that stick out to me typically involve other people. Sure there are those fantastic single player experiences like Mario 64 or Final Fantasy VII that will always stand out in my mind, but something about playing a game together with others seems particularly memorable.

To be honest, I think this love affair for me with multiplayer began in the days of the Nintendo 64, the first system that brought that LAN party feel to the console realm. I remember after school, several of us would play through 4 player titles like Goldeneye, Conkers and Wrestlemania 2000 for hours on end. We’d make characters, perfect taunts, and listen to the Bond theme play endlessley while my brother mowed us down with the RPC 90.

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The Revolutionary Controller?

A lot of debate has generated over the last few years about what makes the perfect gaming console controller. While many swear by dual analog sticks over something like say, the Wii-mote, it’s hard to ignore how overly complicated and cumbersome some controls have become.

On the flip side, the Wii needs a ridiculous amount of accessories and peripherals to even play all of the games you might want to buy. And not everyone likes waggling. So, what’s the perfect controller look like? The guys over at NintendoWiiFanboy have tried to put that together.

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Story vs. Gameplay: Final Fantasy Edition

Story. Gameplay.

These two things are what matter most in a game to me. And they matter more when it comes to RPG’s and especially Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy games are known for great stories or great gameplay. But only a few have both. Three of them, in fact.

In this feature, I will walk through each Final Fantasy (minus spin offs, sequels and that online thing) and tell my thoughts on each game’s true strength: story or gameplay.

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Heavy Rain Equals No Do-Overs

If you’re unaware the upcoming PS3 game Heavy Rain, by Quantic Dreams, you should familiarize yourself with it. From the makers of Indigo Prophecy, it is an incredibly cinematic game that lets the character play it almost like an interactive movie, and from the looks of it, is going to be something special.

One interesting thing, though: the creator, David Cage says that you can even continue to play the game after the main character dies.

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Halo Haters: 5 Things Under Appreciated About Halo

Halo is this weird kind of dividing line within the gaming community. On one hand, it’s overrated by the throngs of people who go crazy over it and swear that it could perhaps be the greatest FPS on any platform, PC or otherwise, EVER. On the other hand, there are people that just don’t seem to “get” Halo and what makes it fun, and in fact, would rather hate the game just to hate it, regardless.

For some reason, there are many hardcore gamers that have never been able to embrace the franchise or its signature character, Master Chief. Either they are blinded by the fanboy ravings, their own fanboy prejudices, or they’ve never give the game the time of day. So I thought I’d put together a little list to take a look at what makes Halo unique.

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Saves and Stuff

Back in the days of gaming glory, the 8 and 16-bit eras, we gamers didn’t have a whole lot of options when it came to saving games. Games were systematic and based on rote memorization, muscle memory, trial-and-error and the like.

Nowadays, the game saves for you every 10 seconds and even recharges your health and shines your shoes while you wait. Well, not really, but kind of.

That’s why Gamasutra recently posted an article about Save Systems, raising some interesting questions about how they affect gameplay.

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