Sonic Unleashed Equals Do Want

So for a bit now, I’ve had my eye on Sonic Unleashed. One thing that I love about old-school gaming that seemed to die out was the idea of 2 1/2 D, which is my favorite D of all. Last week, a new trailer for the return-to-roots Sonic appeared, and I have to say, I think it looks incredible. It seems to have the right mix of challenge and speed that made Sonic such an appealing franchise.

Your thoughts?

Fanboys Unleashed

So, we all love Star Wars, us nerds. We’re quite fond of it. Especially those who are like me, and gobble up any table scrap that kindly ol’ Lucas throws down to the floor. If that scrap is a demo for a new Star Wars game where I get to do whatever I want with The Force? Watch out.

Apparently, I’m not the only one with an XBox 360 who feels this way. It seems that in a rush of fanboy zeal, the Force Unleashed demo has broken records on Xbox Live.

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Luke be a Joker Tonight

It’s a shame that there hasn’t been a truly great Batman game in a while. But wait! Apparently, someone is going to try their hand with the new game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Overjoyed? Maybe not, but it gets better…

In news that can only be described as totally kick-ass, Mark Hamill is going to be reprising his vocal role as the Joker for the game. If you’re not sure what this means, it’s actually totally awesome.

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Penny Arcade Sequel Screenies

The 2nd Episode of Penny Arcade Adventures and the follow up to “On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness” (coincidentally, one of my favorite video game names ever), is an eagerly awaited titled by this Penny Arcade fanboy. So it was with great enthusiasm that I browsed a post over at Joystiq containing new screenshots of the game.

These new Penny Arcade screenies show off combat, cut scenes and all other kinds of goodies. If you’re a fan of PA’s comics or their game, you should certainly take a gander.

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Now Playing-Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Since I am on a budget these days, I have turned to Gamefly for most of my gaming needs. This allows me to play games that I would normally never buy. One such game is Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. To clarify, this is not a review, as our review process has yet to be finalized, but merely my thoughts on the game as I close in on the final few levels.

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