Watch 50 Minutes of The Division Gameplay Because You Know You Want To

Youtuber JackFrags (along with a bunch of other YouTube channels and outlets except for us and Kotaku) visited Ubisoft recently to get a peek at the long-in-development Tom Clancy third-person shooter RPG hybrid The Division. A lot of the videos that made their way to the Internet last week were short and had voice-overs, but JackFrags put up 50 minutes of commentary-free footage featuring some co-op mission action and Dark Zone shenanigans. The footage was recorded on Xbox One, for reference. Watch the embedded video below if you want to know more:

My hype level for the Division has been steadily climbing since the previews started hitting. I’ve seen some complaints about the “bullet sponge” nature of the enemies, but it makes sense if you think about it as an RPG first rather than a twitch-based shooter. I’m in the beta that will be hitting the PC at the end of January so I’ll most likely be streaming the game for anyone interested.

Who else is riding that Division hype train? Anyone on the fence?

Source – JackFrags’ YouTube channel

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5 thoughts on “Watch 50 Minutes of The Division Gameplay Because You Know You Want To”

  1. To be honest, I was initially very hyped about this game but it died off after the pushbacks on the release date. I feel they got a bit overly ambitious so that may be why they had to push back release. However I’ve still got an eye on the game and decided I’d give the beta a shot to see how’d I’d like it. I’ll be playing on PC as well, considering I just upgraded my graphics card recently to something much more robust (Nvidia Geforce GTX 970) and I’d like to test out what Ultra might look like!

    I do hope that it turns out to be a really enjoyable game as I’ve always enjoyed Tom Clancy games, and still carry a lot of nostalgia for the Rainbow Six titles, notably Vegas and Vegas 2. I was a little off put by the spongy nature of enemies, but I do know that it is going for an RPG feel so I do understand why they are and it’s not as bothersome to me anymore.

    If anybody’d like to party up and take on Manhattan when the beta happens, my ID for Uplay is playersbro_55.

    1. The spongy enemies look weird, but there’s a clear divide between the amount of punishment a given enemy can take if you look at their health bar. Blue=normal, yellow=elite. Makes sense to me. Reddit is very upset about the lack of “realism” regarding that.

      I’ll totally add you on Uplay! Since the Beta is not open my usual group might not all make it in so we might need a third.

      1. Oh, wow, I don’t know how I didn’t notice that distinction a bit quicker. The colored health bars do make a lot more sense now that you mention it!

        I’m honestly not surprised that Reddit is pitching a fit on it not having “realism”. Come to think of it, I’m not surprised at much of what Reddit complains about these days.

        Sounds good! I’ll defintely be up for filling that slot.

  2. I feel like such an old, cranky man saying this but holy crap it feels like there is a lot happening on the screen… haha.

    Looks like fun if you have a solid group of friends to play with with, lots of room for emergent game play (see: Emergent Jumping Jacks). I still really don’t like the bullet-spongey enemies, even if it is more of an “RPG” than a twitch shooter as you said, especially if the guns are “realistic” and you have to reload two or three times to kill some enemies. Like above, it does make sense and I understand, it’s just not my preference.

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