Destiny Beta Action with Anthony

I streamed some of the Destiny Beta on PS4 this morning and thought you guys might fancy a glance at it. Did some Explore mode in Old Russia with my Warlock.

Has anyone else been partaking in the Destiny beta? What do you think so far?

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5 thoughts on “Destiny Beta Action with Anthony”

  1. I’ve not been playing the beta but I have been watching a lot of videos, I was very curious but hadn’t taken in much information about it.

    From my point of view as a non player, the videos come across as a mix of Borderlands meets Halo. Not a bad combination by any stretch of the imagination. Although the voice acting from almost all of the characters left something to be desired.

    How did it feel to play, Anthony? I’m still on the fence about a pre-order.

  2. It’s super fun. I honestly can’t get enough of it. The combat is the best shooting I have ever felt and the loot system is highly addictive. It’s everything I want to play right now.

  3. After playing for a little while today now that the beta is open I can clearly see how Destiny is so impressive. It certainly has a lot of charm and the solid shooter mechanics that have always been at the core of Bungie’s Halo games is still there.

    I wish we got to see a bit more of Venus though. Based on the Crucible map set there, it looks to have a much brighter colour pallet which is (understandably but also sadly) lacking from Old Russia and the Moon.

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