Modder Restores Watch Dogs to its E3 2012 Demo Glory

Between its debut at E3 2012 and its final release on May 27, Watch Dogs received a noticeable downgrade in the looks department. An intrepid modder over on found some unused files in the games install folder that restores Watch Dogs to its former E3 2012 visual glory as well as fixing some of the console port-itis the PC version suffers from.

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2 thoughts on “Modder Restores Watch Dogs to its E3 2012 Demo Glory”

  1. If anyone is wondering about this I tried it last night and vastly improved performance on the “High” setting. I turned off DOF because it makes it seem like Aiden is near-sighted (this obviously was dropped at some point)but the lighting is completely different.

    Ubisoft wat r u doin?

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