Bungie’s Jason Jones Explains Just What the Heck Destiny Is

Are you confused by the lack of information about what the available game modes of Destiny? So am I, which is why I’m grateful that Bungie put out a video where Jason Jones explains what you’ll be doing when the Destiny Beta drops on July 17, or when the full game hits on September 9. Check it out:

So it seems like we have the Tower (third-person social space), story-missions, a free-roam/do side-quests type of thing, Strikes, and a multiplayer arena. Destiny seems to have a lot of stuff to do but I still can’t shake the feeling that it might be kind of bland. That might just be me though. How is Destiny shaping up for you?

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2 thoughts on “Bungie’s Jason Jones Explains Just What the Heck Destiny Is”

  1. FINALLY THEY TELL US ABOUT THE GODDAMN THING. Seriously my interest and hype for this game had been reduced to nothing after their marketing approach of only using constant buzz words and promising a revolutionary experience, yet showing nothing to prove it. It seems this game is going to be skewing more MMO than I had originally thought, which is really exciting because I have an MMO itch that needs to be scratched. I’m back on board.

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