Dark Souls 2 DLC Announced, Will Continue to Ruin Your Life

From Software announced a three-part DLC campaign for Dark Souls 2 today. This is the first time a Souls game has received any kind of significant DLC, so that’s kind of exciting news, even though DS2 is my least favorite of the three games so far. I’ll probably still pick up the season pass, though, because I’m an addict.

The first Dark Souls did actually have DLC – included free with the “prepare to die” edition – but it was designed so that the mission unlocked once you were pretty far into the game and only if you had a particular item. I missed it during my first play through and didn’t make it far enough into NG+ to take a crack at it.

Anybody else besides myself and Anthony playing the newest entry in the Souls series?

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4 thoughts on “Dark Souls 2 DLC Announced, Will Continue to Ruin Your Life”

  1. I started it when it came out a while back but stopped as other things came out. While it is pretty much the same ol’ Souls action, I also find that it is my least favourite of the three. Not to mention that it feels weird playing it on PS3 when everything on the PS4 looks a lot better.

  2. Jeff, that DLC in Prepare to Die is an absolute motherfucker on NG+. I could beat Artorias on NG+, but that was one helluva fight. Never been so relieved after a boss before or since. I never managed to beat Manus. 🙁

    I am looking forward to playing some more Dark Souls 2. I’m (finally) very near the end of 2: Got the King’s ring, done some stuff with that. Fought some dragons, pulled a switch I REALLY shouldn’t have pulled… Y’know, Dark Souls stuff. More is very welcome.

  3. Speaking of switches you shouldn’t pull, there’s one point in DS2 where I opened several doors in a small room that have Ruin Sentinels hiding behind them. I really should have left well enough alone.

    I’ll probably never pick up Dark Souls again to play the DLC I missed, which sucks because it looks like it’s actually reasonably significant.

    If the rumors about Project Beast are true, that’s probably enough to convince me to finally pick up a PS4…

  4. I agree completely on the PS4 pickup, it would be very tempting… if only I could afford one! And yeah, I’m not sure it’s really worth going back to it to play through it. If you want to learn more of the lore aspect of The DLC, VaatiVidya’s lore videos are always great.
    Oh, I too opened up every door in that Sentinel room, first time it happened I almost died of shock, especially since they all respawn! For those who have trouble with them: Just lead them into the room that’s first on the right (the path that you’re supposed to take to move on through the area) as you can easily drop aggro until you’re only dealing with one of them at a time. Classic Souls series, cheese all of the AI!

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