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watch dogs review scores

Ubisoft’s long awaited open-world hackathon Watch Dogs is finally upon us. The embargo lifted late last night and a torrent of reviews flooded in from all over the Internet. It seems that Watch Dogs is getting fairly positive scores across the board, mostly being criticized for some funky driving mechanics and for not really being that unique of an open-world game outside of the hacking abilities.

Here are some review scores from some other websites you may have heard of:

I’ve got Watch Dogs sitting on my PC right now but InFamous: Second Son is currently taking up most of my gaming bandwidth (along with Battlefield 4 and some Company of Heroes 2) but I expect to get to it soon. I hear there’s an interesting glitch right now where taking to the river will cause you to lose your police pursuit as the Chicago PD of Watch Dogs doesn’t have a maritime presence.

Has anyone here played Watch Dogs? What are your initial impressions?

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7 thoughts on “Get Your Watch Dogs Review Score Round-Up”

  1. I guess it’s to be expected that a game I went absolutely nuts over at E3 would be a bit underwhelming, but considering the consistently good reviews it sounds like I’d still enjoy this. I’m just waiting for a price drop, however.

  2. I played it on the new alienware m18 with 2 GTX 880Ms and there were still some performance issues. After about 30 minutes of playing, some serious artifacting was happening as well, the last frame of a cutscene would get overlayed on the rest of the screen translucently and would shutter. Gave me a headache and had to quit after about an hour of play. The mouse also felt terrible, had acceleration that couldn’t be turned off, and smelled of “this is meant for a controller”.

    Overall first impression: Booo.

    Ubi has said there is a patch that is “planned”. But there is always a patch… eventually.

  3. Yeah, Ubisoft has historically been…pretty awful with PC ports, but Black Flag and Blacklist were excellent so it gave me hope.

    I do know that mobile cards aren’t usually “officially” supported, but either way it’s still awful.

  4. Anthony, as the PC community does as per usual. They conquered that problem fairly quickly so they don’t even have to deal with it. PC Master Race

  5. I played it at a friends house, after the extremely long 2 minute load-up screen I ran around for a bit and generally got the feel of the game. Since I only played it for a few hours I can’t really give a opinion that’s well researched. However, god damn is it an average game. The entire time I was playing all I could think was how it satisfies the criteria for what a video game is. And yet does not exceed those criteria in story, game play or any way at all.

    On the upside, the upcoming E3 is the first in years where I won’t have to watch more footage of Watch_Dogs. Thank god.

  6. They shouldn’t have to deal with it or create a workaround for it. That’s why PC will always be a little more of a niche than consoles: people want to buy something and know it works. Sure, you sacrifice some really cool stuff, but a lot of people don’t have time or energy to deal with things like that.

    Playing Watch Dogs now and I think it is pretty fun. Nothing groundbreaking, but extremely competent.

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