Battlefield: Hardline Revealed in Battlelog Update

battlefield hardline

Update: Yep, Battlefield: Hardline is real.

Battlelog, DICE’s browser-based interface that they’ve been forcing on the gaming public since Battlefield 3, received an update this morning. Instead of the assignments for the upcoming expansion pack Dragon’s Teeth, an entierly different kind of surprised was included.

While digging through the source code of Battlelog, denizen of the Internet Koen Vlaswinkel found a whole bunch of information about Battlefield: Hardline, including weapons, vehicles, classes, gamemodes and who’s developing it. From the images Battlefield: Hardline looks like it will be SWAT vs Thieves on a variety of urban maps with gamemodes such as Heist and Blood Money, giving it a very Payday feel.

Judging by the above images, Battlefield: Hardline seems to be the rumored police-themed spin-off game and is being made under the auspices of Visceral Games. If you want a very detailed breakdown of the game, Battlefield aficionado and YouTuber LevelCap has a Battlefield: Hardline video where he goes over all of the leaked images in-depth. Battlefield: Hardline will apparently be released for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and the PC.

Personally I think it’s way too soon to announce a new Battlefield, even a spin-off made by a different studio. Unless Battlefield: Hardline hits the ground running and somehow doesn’t have all of Battlefield 4’s issues and offers a fresh take on the first person shooter multiplayer genre, I’ll probably pass on this. I’m still waiting on three more expansion packs for Battlefield 4, so it’s too soon for me to dump money into another title in the series. What are your thoughts on this? Does Battlefield: Hardline tickle your fancy? Are you burnt out on Battlefield?

Source – KoenV

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One thought on “Battlefield: Hardline Revealed in Battlelog Update”

  1. Sounds like that they are trying to replicate the CoD yearly release but with a different take every other year to me. If they can’t get their day 1 issues sorted though they will just suffer the same back lash as they have done in the past.

    I haven’t played Battlefield since 2 which I really enjoyed but Origin and the bugs have put me off jumping into the newer iterations.

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