Taking a Swing at Mario Golf: World Tour

mario golf world tour

It’s been a good ten years since we last saw a Mario Golf game, but longtime Nintendo sports collaborators Camelot are at it again with Mario Golf: World Tour, a 3DS title that came out on May 2.

The Mario Golf games have either been strictly arcade-like or had some light RPG aspects and World Tour seems to straddle both of these disciplines. Playing as your Mii in the “Castle Club” mode, you use the tried-and-true power bar to control your shots and for each course you complete (whether it’s a practice round or a tournament), you unlock a new piece of stat-altering gear in the pro shop which you can put on your golfer.

In addition to the single-player Castle Club mode, World Tour has a smart multiplayer offering where you can asynchronously take part in global or regional tournaments online. When you enter a tournament you can play the game at your pace (as long as it’s within the tournament’s generous time limit: the current ones are set to expire on May 15) and upload your results to the leaderboard when you’re done. This is a smart way to introduce online multiplayer to the series because even though the courses proceed fairly quickly compared to actual golf, playing a straight 18 holes is quite the time investment.

My only complaint about World Tour so far is that putting is pretty difficult; often times I find that my view of the green is obstructed by my Mii, even though its partially transparent. I’ve circumvented this by chipping the ball into the hole from the fairway and getting mad Eagles, but putting can sometimes be a little frustrating.

Has anyone else been playing Mario Golf: World Tour? What do you think of it so far?

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4 thoughts on “Taking a Swing at Mario Golf: World Tour”

  1. Oh man, I was surprised when I bought this. I hadn’t played a Mario Golf game since Toadstool Tour on Gamecube, so I was hesitantly excited as to how this would fare on the 3DS. So far it’s been a super enjoyable experience, and I’m pretty hooked. I too had some similar troubles with the putting but I started really using the camera to get a better idea of directional lie and I’m sinking birdies like a champ. It’d be a blast to play with somebody else. If any fellow Sushians have this as well, my friend code is 2638-0891-8521. Let’s play a round sometime 🙂

  2. Anthony, Patrick and myself actually tried out a private tournament last night and I think it went OK (except for the fact that Patrick dominated).

    We could definitely get a Sushi Invitational going soon!

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