The Hardcore Tactics of Insurgency

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It just occured to me that I’ve been playing Insurgency for the past few months but never made a post about it, which is a shame because this is a damn fine shooter.

Insurgency is a “realistic” team-based first-person-shooter based on an old Half Life mod. You play as either Security or the Insurgents in several gameplay modes but the kicker here is that the game is pretty unforgiving if you’re used to kill feeds, regenerating health or hit markers because it doesn’t have any of that.

The UI in Insurgency is minimal to the point of being non-existent, but for some reason that wasn’t a real barrier for me and actually makes Insurgency one of the most thrilling mutliplayer shooters I’ve ever tried. Because enemies aren’t called out for you, you have to move carefully around the environment, using the lean ability to peek around corners because one or two good shots will end you. So far my favorite weapons are the single-shot designated marksmen rifles, but I’ve been just as effective with the assault rifles or even pistols.

Insurgency comes with a bunch of modes packed in, but I prefer the capture-and-hold mode with respawning enabled. You can definitely play without respawning, which makes things even more tense. Insurgency somehow manages to be accessible for people who are acclimated to more user-friendly shooter while at the same time offering a lot of options for the more hardcore crowd. With a recent swath of free DLC, you can’t really go wrong with Insurgency if you’re looking for a new shooter to try out.

Has anyone else played Insurgency? What do you think of it?

Steam – Insurgency on Steam

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  1. I used to play the mod quite a bit, as it was a lot of fun to play, but it was cool to see that they got to make a full game of it, and from what I saw of it around the web it seems fun but the community is as big as you’d think. Still, I’d like to buy it at some point as getting to be hands on with it at PAX East was quite enjoyable.

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