The GamerSushi Show, Ep 90: Alan, Please Add Title

gamersushi show ep 90

After an unexpected week break we’re back in your digital media player with an episode of the GamerSushi Show. I couldn’t think of a clever title this week, but Jeff, Anthony and I talk some video game news and give thoughts on what we’re playing. You know, the usual deal. We also find time to bust out a few impressions at the end.

Just in case you forgot, this is how it goes: listen, rate and we’ll catch you next time.

0:00 – 3:06 Intro
3:07 – 18:53 Watch Dogs multiplayer video (and other stuff)
18:54 – 30:10 Dark Souls 2 and Trials: Fusion
30:11 – 37:41 Marty O’Donnell terminated by Bungie
37:42 – 40:10 Snoop Dogg Call of Duty: Ghosts announcer pack
40:11 – 42:54 Outro

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5 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 90: Alan, Please Add Title”

  1. I’d have to disagree with you on Marty going to 343, Mitch. For one, Marty is a highly creative guy that is probably going to want to work on something new. Secondly, this new Halo trilogy has a new sound and tone that I think Neil Davidge is doing some great work on, and I hope he scores the next two games. Can’t remember anything from the Halo 4 soundtrack? How about these:

    To Galaxy:

    Neil’s got some great new themes to play with, it would be a shame if they didn’t let him do the rest of the “Forerunner Trilogy”.

  2. Anthony, if you still have trouble with the Ruin Sentinels on another run, try this: When you drop down, immediately try to kill the Sentinel beside you, 1v1 they’re not too hard. You should have enough time to kill it off before the second one jumps up to you. When you entice him to do so, you should have enough time to weaken him (I was getting him down to about half health). Then, as the other one jumps up to the platform drop down and estus. Then its just a retread of Ornstein and Smough (retreat until you get an opening to hit one). Hey presto!

  3. @drell Don’t get me wrong, I liked Davidge’s work on Halo 4, but for a lot of people Marty is synonymous with Halo. I think it would be a big coup for 343i, but you’re right he might want to work on something else after all these years doing video game soundtracks. Maybe we’ll see a film score from him in the near future.

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