Watch Dogs Walkthrough Video Shows off Competitive Multiplayer

Watch Dogs will be upon us very soon, and as such Ubisoft is rolling out walkthorugh videos detailing what you’ll be doing in the game come May 27. The most recent video showcases the multiplayer modes, which range from asymmetrical mobile app versus in-game combat (which I saw at last year’s PAX Prime) to a four-on-four objective-oriented mode. Check out the multiplayer offerings of Watch Dogs below:

Is it just me or does Competitive Decryption Combat look like a ton of fun? What do you guys think about this glimpse at Watch Dogs’ multiplayer modes?

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2 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Walkthrough Video Shows off Competitive Multiplayer”

  1. Looks great in concept, but in actual execution between people, I think it will be downright sloppy. Ill wait until the game comes out and the general consensus is in before I consider buying it. Until then im more excited to stop hearing about the game.

  2. I’m with you Vanilla Bear, this video is pretty cool when you watch the multiplayer mode being played as it was meant to be played, but gamers will find a way to ruin it quickly enough. I’m super intrigued by the game as a whole, so I can’t wait to see it running in person, but every now and then I’m a little worried about it.

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