The Game Boy Turns 25 Today

game boy 25 years old

Today the Game Boy, Nintendo’s handheld gaming brick, turns 25. While the use of the name was discontinued with the introduction of the DS, for a lot of us the name “Game Boy” will forever by synonymous with handheld gaming.

I owned both an original Game Boy and one of the transparent versions. I never owned a Game Boy Color, Advanced or any of the other models, but I’ll always remember playing Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow or Super Mario Land on long road trips, watching in horror as the battery indicator on the side slowly faded.

While Nintendo has struggled in the home console space for a while, they’re always brought their A game to handhelds, and the Game Boy was a fine start to that tradition (I may be viewing the Game Boy through rose-tinted glasses). Do you have any fond memories of the original Game Boy? What was your favorite game on that system?

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4 thoughts on “The Game Boy Turns 25 Today”

  1. My fondest memory of my first Gameboy was Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. The first time I got to play Mario in the palm of my hands was pretty exciting as a kid and the memories there after were excellent. I remember getting the Pokemon Yellow Edition Gameboy Color bundle for Christmas when I got into Pokemon and that thing went everywhere with me. I even had one of those curly bendable LED lights you could plug into the side of your Gameboy or Gameboy Color so you could play in the dark.

  2. I had gotten the Gameboy Advance as a handme down from my Cousin for my birthday.
    And My First Game was Pokemon Emerald. It was my first gaming device, and I was hooked onto Pokemon. Later my cousin passed me Pokemon Yellow.

    Pokemon and Gameboy is always synonymous for me.

  3. God I loved my Gameboy when I was a kid and have stayed with the series till my current DS. Tetris, Kirby, Mario and Pokemon were definitely some of the highlights for me. It was also the Gameboy that first got me into Final Fantasy as there were 4 (FF: Adventure, FF: Legend 1 – 3) which would lead me to their console brethren. It was even a joy for our parents as well as it kept me and my sister quiet on road trips and holidays.

  4. I have so much childhood memories with both the Gameboy and Gameboy Color. I first had a Gameboy Color one Christmas, a blue one with Pokémon Blue whilst my sister had a yellow one with Pokémon Yellow. My dad then gave me his oldschool Gameboy with Tetris, those were the days.

    I remember using the classic Gameboy with Pokémon Blue because I could walk through dark caves (the ones that needed a Flash TM) without the TM, ‘cuz the old Gameboy had a contrast adjust wheel and I’d turn it up all the way and cheat my way through the caves. Good times, good times.

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