The GamerSushi Show, Ep 88: Come on Baby, Light My Fire

gamersushi show ep 88

An unusual three-man assortment of Anthony, Jeff and Nick head up the GamerSushi Show this week as Eddy and I were off discussing shirtless Henry Cavill, because really, why wouldn’t you?

Despite wavering for a moment in to Extra Bytes territory, the gang rights the Sushi ship and talks about Amazon’s recently unveiled Fire TV, some Dark Souls 2 and Nick’s experience with his new PlayStation 4.

Show these guys some love by listening, rating and coming back next time. Auf Wiedersehen!

0:00 – 1:06 Intro
1:07 – 22:05 Amazon’s Fire TV
22:06 – 26:22 Dark Souls 2
26:23 – 47:12 Nick buys a PlayStation 4
47:13 – 49:33 Outro

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6 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 88: Come on Baby, Light My Fire”

  1. Don’t Rush, Stay Solid .

    My roommate and I roasted hours attempting to set a low score on each of the courses in Hot Shots Golf 3. If you couldn’t minimum birdie every par 4 and eagle the par 5’s you were boned. Ohhhh backspin…..

    Excellent cast guys. Naughty Ball .

  2. Regarding Minecraft for the Fire TV, Minecraft feels like the new Doom to me. It seems like it’s become a goal to port it to every computing device known to man.

  3. You guys hit me in the nostalgia bad when you talked about Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour for the Gamecube. I sunk so many hours into that game. I had the manual swing spin combos down to a science! That was an excellent game.

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