The GamerSushi Show, Ep 87: You Got the Trollin’ in Me

gamersushi show ep 87

The break may have been a week longer than we intended, but a trio of GamerSushi editors took to the mic this week to bring you a new installment of your favorite podcast (or one of you favorites at any rate).

Because Eddy has a backlog of trolling he’s in fine form this episode, but despite that we still manage to yak about Titanfall and out experiences with the live version, Eddy’s dislike of InFamous: Second Son, some random bits of gaming news and the big deal of this week, Facebook buying Oculus.

I’m sure you know how it goes, but I’m going to remind you anyways: listen, rate and treat yo’self. See you next time!

0:00 – 2:03
2:04 – 20:52 Titanfall
20:53 – 27:46 InFamous: Second Son
27:47 – 29:51 Upcoming 2014 games
29:52 – 33:04 Assassin’s Creed: Unity
33:05 – 34:44 The Last of Us on PS4
34:45 – 37:44 EA giving Star Wars the “Batman Arkham” treatment/Telltale’s GoT game
37: 45 – 49:11 Facebook buys Oculus
49:11 – 52:12 Outro

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6 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 87: You Got the Trollin’ in Me”

  1. Man inFamous sure does seem to be polarizing. I am constantly hearing contradicting opinions from people who think the story is either fantastic or shit, and people who think the game controls great vs. crap (although given my experience with inFamous 1, I’m more inclined to believe the “crap” side).

  2. Both bummed and happy to hear your thoughts on Titanfall. Happy to hear it doesn’t have a whole lot of lasting appeal, so i dont necessarily HAVE to spend my money on it, but at the same time i was kind of hoping for an epic mech shooter. Maybe they will hook me with the sequel.

  3. Infamous is fun, but it does have the legacy issues of the other games, in terms of control. I have no problem with it, but I understand people who do.

    The story is merely okay, but the characters and voice acting are top-notch.

  4. I’m just not feeling Infamous I don’t think. I started enjoying it quite a bit more after this podcast as I got into more of the powers, but it’s already started feeling pretty repetitive. None of the combat encounters feels particularly well designed, and traversing the city, while better in neon mode, is still a bit of a chore. I feel like the game is always trying to put handcuffs on you, rather than opening things up and letting you really bring some havoc to the streets of Seattle. To me, Saint’s Row 4 has already done a better version of this game.

  5. (Catching up on the past few casts!)

    The Facebook/Oculus thing was really interesting. I almost want to say I was surprised that some people were so upset, but, internets. At the end of the day, I really believe this is going to accelerate the progress of VR as much as possible. R&D is expensive; imagine how upset these people would be if Oculus did another kickstarter for funds instead of this acquisition.

    Also, not too surprised that Titanfall isn’t having a lasting impact on you guys. It was fun for free during beta, but I didn’t even play it the last day, so that’s saying something.

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