GamerSushi Asks: Spring Releases?

InFamous: Second Son


We’re used to slight slumps in gaming. This hobby is defined by periods of feast or famine, it seems, and it’s just one of those things our gaming tummies have grown accustomed to over the years.

But now spring has arrived, and we’ve got a slew of new titles to nom upon, across a variety of platforms. In particular, my Playstation 4 has been mostly unused for the past month, but now it prepares for a helping of InFamous: Second Son, set to arrive later this week. Titanfall likewise graces PC and Xbox One, and Dark Souls II comes out for whatever systems people who care about that game own (if you’re confused about my disdain, listen to the podcast).

We’ve also had some other recent releases, such as Wolf Among Us Episode 2, along with Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2. Before we know it, Watch Dogs will be here, among others. Aww yiss.

So my question for you Sushians is this: what spring release are you most hyped for, and why? What other games this year are on your radar? Go!

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8 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Spring Releases?”

  1. Been playing Dark Souls 2, shame it isn’t on next-gen, but its pretty much the same souls action. And I just finished the new South Park game which I thought was superb. Apart from that, Infamous has me hyped, and im not sure but I think Final Fantasy X HD gets released soon too. It is certainly ramping up.

  2. It’s kinda late Spring, but I’n really excited for Watch Dogs, and I hope it delivers. It’s literally the only game this season I care about.

  3. Now that Titanfall has come to pass, my next release to get excited for is Watch Dogs. Ever since its initial announcement, I’ve turned a blind eye towards news and previews in order to play it unspoiled. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great new experience.

  4. Ignore Drell please! 😉
    Until Dark Souls 2 comes out on PC, I am distracting myself with some Titanfall… And some Dark Souls 1 which is still providing much entertainment for me (Forest PvP, woo!).
    I really hope after the PC release Jeff and Anthony do a cast solely dedicated to it. Can I feel the Dark Souls love, Sushians?

  5. There will be Dark Souls II talk on the podcast, this I swear.

    But I gotta beat Lightning Returns first. And Infamous, as well. Hold tight!

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