The GamerSushi Show, Ep 84: A Nose for Bros

gamersushi show 84

Prepare for podcast fall. We’re coming at you with a new episode of The GamerSushi Show.

This week, the prodigal Canadian returns as Mitch, Eddy, Jeff and Nick talk about Titanfall, the Flappy Bird saga and the Evolve information that dropped last week. Additionally, Eddy shares what goes on in his dreams. It’s very…interesting.

So, you know how this goes. Listen, rate and prosper.

0:00 – 11:29 Intro
11:30 – 30:53 Titanfall (mostly)
30:54 – 49:12 Flappy Bird
49:13 – 58:04 Evolve
58:05 – 59:40 Outro

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11 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 84: A Nose for Bros”

  1. Looks like the beta is now public for Xbox One users, and apparently the PC “soon”. I guess we’ll have to see… and then have a GS Gaming night maybe? =D.

    Another great cast guys, and yes if you need a Canadien substitute I can throw on some plaid and yell at you.

  2. It seems that Respawn re-thought the notion of an open PC beta and instead just gave access to everyone who registered. Emails weren’t sent out for these folks, so if you registered before Friday and didn’t receive a key, check your library on Origin.

  3. @Mitch

    They also extended the beta duration to the 19th. So there’s an extra day or so to get in some time on it before it’s done. It’s really fun and I’m impressed at what it does even in beta! That Smart Pistol, though…. That thing rustles my jimmes. Then I get another Titan drop and the ten year old in me is giddy with joy at operating a giant robot with a chain gun.

  4. I’ve heard mixed things about the Smart Pistol. I can’t see myself using it because I am teh pros at shooters. I do know that it takes more than one burst to put down a Pilot, however.

    Excited to give the Beta a shot, see if it’s as good as I remember it being at PAX (it probably is).

  5. Haha, I actually launched Origin earlier just to check but didn’t see anything. Re-launched now and it popped up asking if I wanted to participate. Tonight shall be chaos.

    I’m julezmichaud on Origin if you guys do the friends thing on there and want to game in the next couple of days!

  6. Titanfall is so fun you guys, I’m glad to see that everyone is checking out the beta. Also, I would totally be down for guesting on a cast, especially if you guys wanted to hear from someone on the Xbox side of things (like how Patrick brought the Nintendo).

  7. There go the chances of getting Daniel on the podcast.

    I’m flattered you guys would be willing to have me (masongunner) on as a guest, unfortunately I’m not much of a good podcaster and my DSL goes down at the drop of a hat. If you guys ever have some calling-in segment, though, I’d totally be down for that 😀

  8. Damn, I get a shout out in the cast and I’m 2 weeks late listening to it. We should definitely have a guest cast in which Mitch and I face off in a battle to see who has the least to say. Anyway, great cast as usual, glad you guys keep making these things that nobody listens to.

  9. It would be awesome to be a guest on the show! Unfortunately, I’m running off a connection that likes to be against me at points (see: Skype for iOS), also I get full ramblomatic on subjects sometimes so I’d just take up way too much time, haha.

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