Fifteen Minutes of 4K Titanfall PC Gameplay

Want to watch fifteen minutes of glorious Titanfall footage in 4K? Well, you’re in luck as YouTuber JackFrags just posted some Titanfall PC Beta gameplay. Let that soak into your peepers.

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2 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes of 4K Titanfall PC Gameplay”

  1. I was lucky enough to get into the alpha, man does this game live up to the hype. I’m excited for this beta to lift the curtain on the game, so others can have an extended look at what makes this game so awesome.

  2. Damn does Titanfall look so much fun now that I’ve gotten to see some of my favorite YouTubers post content on it. I’m so bummed I haven’t seen an email about a beta key for PC yet, as as @Eddy once said about Watch Dogs, “I’m sick of seeing footage of it, I just wanna play it.” The way it handles engagements looks fantastic, and even dealing with the grunt AI’s seems as rewarding as getting a PvP kill. It feels like a blend of multiplayer co-op waves of enemies crossed with your standard multiplayer FPS experience.

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