Xbox One Rumor Dump Contains Halo News, Titanfall Bundle

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On the whole I really don’t know what to make of NeoGAF, but whenever there’s a juicy rumor these days it seems to originate from there. Recently, a whole bunch of Xbox One rumors got posted to the message board including a Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 5 being delayed to next year, Black Tusk’s (the new Gears of War studio) canceled Shangheist game and a Titanfall Xbox One bundle.

You can go read the whole thing yourself, but if some of these turned out to be true it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve had the feeling that a Halo 2 Anniversary was pretty much a given and Halo 5 being delayed to 2015 makes sense. Crackdown 3 doesn’t necessarily make me excited, given that 2 was kind of a flop, but with more development time Ruffian might be able make the next one a must-have for One owners.

Check out the rumor list for yourself. What seems legit to you?

Source – NeoGAF

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6 thoughts on “Xbox One Rumor Dump Contains Halo News, Titanfall Bundle”

  1. I would be so happy for a Halo 2 anniversary, not just because Halo 2 is one of my all time favorites, but because Halo 5 needs 3 years of production to meet the Halo quality bar. Also, this will allow Microsoft more time for people to get Xbox Ones, so they can release Halo 5 as a Xbox One exclusive with confidence (remember that Halo 3 was also released 2 years after the 360’s launch).

  2. Maybe I remember Halo 2 less fondly than others, but that’s one of the last games I want made into an HD version for anything other than preservation.

    The multiplayer was where it was at, but upon reflection the campaign was not all that great. Started out OK, but it really took a nosedive after you reached the Delta Halo.

  3. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic, but I loved every part of the campaign. A lot of people didn’t like the Arbiter bits, but I thought they were some of the best parts. I think it’s fair to say the middle of the game isn’t quite as stunning as the game’s beginning (which is one of the best opening series of levels in video games), but I feel like the last few levels are top notch as well. Meeting up with Johnson as the Arbiter was awesome.

  4. Also not that excited about a Halo 2 remake, which has the weakest of all the Halo games’ campaigns. A Titanfall bundle Xbox One makes total sense, though. I think that’s going to be the console’s first system seller, for sure.

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