Maxis Adds Offline Mode to SimCity, But is it Too Late?

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In the weeks and months after release, EA and Maxis told SimCity customers that an offline version of the game was not a possibility, due to the way the cities were designed to work with one another in a region. Modders quickly cracked that notion wide open, but the developer didn’t say a peep about an offline mode until late last year.

Now, in a sudden reversal, SimCity will finally be available to play offline. Offline mode will be available in Update 10, which is free for all SimCity owners. Since this is coming nearly a year after release, is this a wasted gesture? Sure, offline mode is a nice add but SimCity still has a lot of the problems that plagued it on day one and I’m not sure that offline mode will get disillusioned purchasers back into the game. What do you guys think? Is this enough to get jaded gamers back into SimCity, or is it too little too late?

Is SimCity's Offline Mode Too Little Too Late?

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7 thoughts on “Maxis Adds Offline Mode to SimCity, But is it Too Late?”

  1. As someone who watched the disaster from afar, I’m actually considering picking the game up next time it goes on sale. Hopefully the increase the city size with this new offline mode.

  2. @drellassassin Why would you even do that.

    @killklli: I’m a Sim City 3000 man myself.

    Also, I don’t think this even solves the biggest problem, which is the cities are too danged small.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up on PS4 and X1 with the “Definitive Edition” title to help make up all the sales they lost.

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