Evolve is the New Co-op Shooter from Left 4 Dead Creators Turtle Rock

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Not content to just be the creative force behind one of the most successful cooperative gaming series on the market, the makers of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, is at it again with Evolve, their next-gen only asymmetrical co-op shooter.

In Evolve, four human alien-hunter characters will battle against a single player-controlled creature. While that may sound hilariously lopsided at first, the hook of Evolve is that the monster grows larger and more powerful with each match that goes by. Judging by the short snippet from the Game Informer February cover reveal, each human will have their own bag of tricks, but they alien they’re hunting will be more than able to hold its own. It’s a pretty cool competitive twist on the co-op scene, and the fact that its next-gen/PC only means that Turtle Rock will be able to cram in plenty of bells and whistles.

February’s Game Informer will have a bunch more information about Evolve, but for now consider me intrigued. While I never exactly got into Left 4 Dead’s competitive side, Evolve sounds like enough of a different beast that I’d be willing to give it to go. Having an ever-expanding array of powers and abilities as the alien sounds like it might make for some hilarious screaming matches if you’re on the human side of things.

What do you guys think about Evolve? Is your interest piqued?

Source – Game Informer

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3 thoughts on “Evolve is the New Co-op Shooter from Left 4 Dead Creators Turtle Rock”

  1. I didn’t know that that’s what the cover was about, so thanks @Mitch for giving some more context to this game. From what it sounds like, it could be a lot of fun! It’s coming from Turtle Rock and they got me to sink hours into Left 4 Dead playing through the campaigns and I played more than my fair share of Counter Strike: Condition Zero. I’m curious as to what kinds of boosts the Alien creature gets and what sort of mechanics are involved. I’m making sure I actually read that issue of Game Informer!

  2. If this type of thing sounds interesting to you guys, check out Damned on steam where It is in Early Access right now. 4 players with only flashlights have to search rooms to find keys which unlock doors to get further into the area, while a player controlled monster stalks them and tries to kill them before they can escape.

    The catch is that the monster can’t see the players while he roams around in an “invisible” mode, he can only set traps that trigger audio queues when the survivors are near. Then, the monster player can go into physical form, where he is able to see the survivors, but only has a limited time to chase them and attack them. Players run faster than the monster, so you have to be very certain when you shift into physical form. It’s a very tense and awesome game so far that has been updated fairly regularly!

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